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Organize Your Life and Home

  • Never lose a list again
  • Keep track of everything in one place
  • Put your gadgets to good use

Best of all, this book shows you how to get organized using only free, web-based applications that sync with free apps on both Apple and Android devices.

Your home management “binder” will be digital, will take up no extra space no matter how much you add to it, will work on every platform, and will require no further investment in apps or programs. Price: $4.99

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Mystie walks you step-by-step through how to digitally store the same information you would normally keep in a home management binder. And in between all the technical how-to, this book is peppered with practical advice to ease your guilt over all the things you can’t get done in a day. Less guilt, always available, cleaner counters. That’s my kind of home organization. Pam Barnhill Pam Barnhill
of Everyday Snapshots
Even though I had a few things set up already, Mystie helped me fine-tune my system and get it running really smart. She will walk you through the steps, and when I say walk you through, I mean she starts from square one and tells you exactly how to go about it. She doesn’t advise you about which app to get and then leave you hanging. She gives you the steps to set it all up on your smartphone and/or computer. Kendra FletcherKendra Fletcher
of PreschoolersAndPeace.com

Put your smartphone or iPad to good use: organizing your life.

What the digital home management system lacks in crafty cuteness, it makes up for in accessibility and versatility. The digital version is actually the frugal option if you already have the tools. If you have a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, why also keep heavy, clumsy paper binders? So don’t let your gadgets go to waste; use them to make your life simpler.

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Paperless Home Organization: Put that smartphone to use!