SO052: Intentional Stories

Season 9: Quick Ways to Organize Your Attitude It’s difficult but essential to notice that our perception of what’s going on is an interpretation, a story overlaid on the bare facts. Stripping the story away entirely so that we are unconnected, stoic observers of our lives is not desirable, but we also do not have to be stuck with the story that first and naturally pops into our minds. And by changing our thoughts, we can change the story we … Read More

Homemaking: what it means and how to do it better

Is homemaking old-fashioned and outdated? Do you picture a woman with a flirty apron and heels, hair neatly bobbed, red lips smiling? Is that a homemaker? Homemakers have looked like many things in the history of man, and few of them wore heels. In fact, we must remember that those pictures come to us from advertisers trying to sell us something – an ideal. That picture is just as false as the have-it-all-together career-woman-who-can-also-spend-quality-time-with-her-kids image television promotes today. For a … Read More

CH051: Planning with a Large Homeschool Family (with Amy Roberts)

Season 9: Real Life Homeschooling Tips This episode is an excerpt of an hour-long live video chat between Amy Roberts and Mystie Winckler in 2016. Amy Roberts is the mother of 10, who has children from 20 to 2 years old. She and her husband have homeschooled from the beginning and shares what she’s learned and how she does it. Amy’s blog, Raising Arrows Amy’s Instagram, Amy Raising Arrows Large Family Homeschooling eBook It’s Not a Season I’m In Table … Read More

Memory or Understanding? – Cassiodorus on Learning

Next up in the early church readings on education in The Great Tradition: Cassiodorus. Cassiodorus was a consul in Rome, living through the drawn-out fall of Rome, and ending up as an advisor to Theodoric along with Boethius. He was of noble birth and a devout Christian. Late in his life he founded a monastery with the express purpose of preserving ancient culture as he watched Rome’s disintegration. His monastery didn’t last beyond his own lifetime, but his works excerpted … Read More

SO051: Realistic Expectations

Season 9: Quick Ways to Organize Your Attitude We only know what expectations are realistic when we evaluate our reality. We have to take that time to look back over that day we were at the end of our rope. What made us feel that way? What could we have done differently? How can we set things up to circumvent the frustration and prepare for what’s most likely to happen? Living life well is not about checking off as many … Read More

What I learned from being homeschooled

I wasn’t allowed to ride my bike. Back in the 80s, homeschooling was not hip. Homeschooling was not even a category anyone but a few families who listened to Focus on the Family had in their heads. So riding my bike during school hours was not ok – I’d be stopped as a truant for sure. In fact, once I did go ride my bike around the neighborhood at lunch. It was the early 90s, and I was probably wearing … Read More

CH050: Keeping Track of the Day’s Work (with Virginia Lee)

Season 9: Real Life Homeschooling Tips Listen: Mystie: Alright, so in this episode we’re going to talk about keeping track of what needs to be done. If you have multiple children and multiple subjects to teach (and that’s pretty much all of us) then we have a lot to keep track of and a lot to make happen. So, I thought that we’d talk about different methods and strategies for keeping track of all that stuff. So, how do you … Read More

SO050: Brain Dump Tips (with Virginia Lee)

Season 9: Quick Ways to Organize Your Attitude This episode is a conversation between Mystie and Virginia Lee Rogers, who helps with member support. Mystie: So, welcome to the first episode of 2018. So, we’re going to be kicking off the season again with a conversation about brain dumps with Simplified Organization’s Customer Support Assistant, Virginia Lee Rogers. Thanks for joining me, Virginia Lee. Virginia Lee: Hi, Mystie, hi everyone. Mystie: Do you want to start with a brief introduction … Read More

5 Habits Every Mom Needs to Grow

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We established last week that even moms need to grow. We, as well as our children, are persons and must both feed and exercise our souls, bodies, minds, and hearts. But how? How much time will this take? After all, it’s not like we have a bunch of spare time for various new exercise and study regimens. The time factor is just one reason habits are so effective and compelling. A small habit has an outsized effect for the effort … Read More

Growth Mindset for Moms

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Moms are all about growth. It starts with growing a new little life right inside of our own selves. The growth is in our bellies, and then it’s in our arms. We go through boxes of clothes, changing them out seemingly overnight because growth is so rapid. Our family size grows, gradually, over the years, and we learn to adjust to more needs, more love, more food, more laundry. Life overflows abundantly and we get the front-row seat to the … Read More

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