Get dressed.

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Organize your attitude #29 How you dress affects your attitude. You know it’s true. Don’t fight it. If your shoes pinch your toes or your jeans cut into your tummy, it makes you cranky and irritable. If you stay in your pajamas, you miss out on the energy flow that comes from knowing you’re ready to take on the day, come what may. Your pajamas signal to you that you’d rather be sleeping, rather be lounging, rather be anything but … Read More

Blaze the trail.

Organize your attitude #20 This week during the Planning That Matters chat I hosted with several Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done alumni, Libby made an excellent point near the end: The more you do stuff the easier it gets. You know, it’s having those rails to run on. Setting something up is hard and getting [the kids] used to something is hard, especially if it’s something that isn’t appealing to them. … Blazing the trail is … Read More

Keep realistic expectations.

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How to organize your attitude #2 A potent attitude poison is unrealistic expectations. When we make a to-do list full of our own pet projects when our time is actually taken up with our children and their needs, we’re going to be grumpy and feel our children are getting in the way. Instead, we need to put them on our to-do lists and make sure we meet their needs before we add more in. When we think that we can … Read More