Friday Recovery List – Simply Convivial

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My house always seems to be deteriorating slowly by Friday afternoon. We’ve used it and it shows. If only I were as good at doing my lists as writing them. But this month, I’m doing the fun part: writing and sharing my homeschool lists. The more I follow my lists, the better things go, so maybe writing them out again and again is not an exercise in futility. One can always hope, right? Bunches of Homeschooling Lists Index: Get Organized … Read More

5 Sanity-Savers for Homeschooling Moms

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As homeschooling moms, our sanity is vital and often at-risk, isn’t it? Here are five strategies I have for keeping my mental and emotional buffer padded. Homeschooling Lists in Abundance During this month of homeschool lists we’re starting with the essentials, and even more essential than the book lists (which, I know, are quite important), is mom’s sanity. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And if the kids aren’t happy, they probably aren’t learning very well. We can do … Read More