(Easy!) Pumpkin Spice Shortbread Cookie Recipe

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Today I want to share with you a super simple, delicious cookie recipe. Goodness. So simple it’s almost embarrassing to share. Those are the best kind, though, right? My favorite recipes are ones you can memorize. Why? Because I am almost always cooking around small children, with other things on my mind, and intense recipe-reading or complicated steps are almost always a recipe for disaster. Case-in-point: As I was finishing up the last batch of cookies for this post, I … Read More

Homekeeping takes a team – build yours!

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When you stare at the laundry piles in the bedrooms, the dirty dish stacks on the counters, the crumb accumulations across the floors, homekeeping can feel impossible, especially as a one-woman endeavor. It seemed like it’d be so easy, but most of us come to the place of realizing that we’d flunk out of Homemaking 101, if there was such a thing. We desperately want to organize our lives, to be happy moms, to actually finish something for once and … Read More

Ep #115 – Biblical homemaking is our calling

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With laundry and dishes and messy floors and dust and clutter, homemaking can seem a daunting and thankless job. When we let Scripture determine our categories and definitions and mission, however, we realize that biblical homemaking is a service to God and His people, and so we can rejoice as stewards in the place God has put us. Homemaking 101 ought not be about cleaning lists and chores, but about loving and serving people, making homes in which they – … Read More

Ep. #114 – Checklists for bite-sized routines

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Procedure checklists are the perfect solution for overwhelmed moms. Checklists are even more helpful when the steps they list out are for bite-sized routines, routines that are not themselves overwhelming or perfectionism, but small and doable. October’s topic inside Convivial Circle and here on the podcast is procedure checklists. When it’s hard to get started because there’s too much to do, a procedure checklist is the shortcut to momentum you need. This episode is an excerpt from a member-only mentoring … Read More

Ep. #113 – Tips for procedure checklists with Stefani Mons

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A procedure checklist is simply a list of specific, small actions to take in a clear and logical order. Instead of doing what feels best in the moment, we take the time to think it through, make it clear, and so save ourselves not only time but also willpower points. Because making decisions takes energy and willpower, having the checklist to work from keeps us on track more consistently. A procedure checklist is the best tactic for overwhelmed moms at … Read More

How to enjoy being a stay-at-home-mom

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Do you enjoy being a stay-at-home mom? It’s easy to feel discouraged and undervalued, but our feelings – our attitudes – are under our control. It’s not impossible to be a happy mom, even when the little things accumulate into heavy, oppressive things. When the laundry basket – and hamper – are overflowing, the children are crying, dinner needs to be made, and you feel like you haven’t had a thought without an interruption all day – then what do … Read More

Ep. #112 – Make your checklists priority-focused

When we as moms are overwhelmed, a procedure checklist might be just the ticket to calm our stress and help us start doing what needs to be done. We need to stop hunting on the internet for how to organize your life and just start doing the right thing. This month inside the Simply Convivial Circle we’re talking all about procedure lists – when to keep them and how to keep them simple. One key principle that applies is keeping … Read More

Ep. #111 – Procedure Checklists for the Overwhelmed Mom

Are you an overwhelmed mom? Frustrated with too much to do? A set of procedure checklists is just what you need to get the traction you want. When you’re looking at how to organize your life, getting a few key procedure checklists is the perfect place to begin. This month inside the Simply Convivial Circle we’re talking all about procedure lists – when to keep them and how to keep them simple. We often think we need some fancy or … Read More

Ep. #110 – Wobble in Balance

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True balance is not a matter of perfection, achievement, or equality. It is about making the needed adjustments as you go. When you try to organize your life, seeking balance is good, but only if you have the right metaphor. The truth about any athlete able to maintain balance in awkward positions is that although they look stable and unmoving, their entire body is actually tense and continually on the move, adjusting and twitching to keep their position. It looks … Read More

Ep #109 – What to do when life feels wobbly, a conversation with Virginia Lee Rogers

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Balance is something that we all strive for – at least sometimes.  Sometimes we definitely give up. What’s the right balance in our home management duties? What’s the right balance in seeking balance? Today Virginia Lee Rogers and I are chatting about balance, why it’s so hard, and how to keep it in perspective. We want balance because life feels wobbly. Today my friend and Simply Convivial customer support manager Virginia Lee Rogers are talking about why we feel wobbly and … Read More

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