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Reposted from April 2011

We have five weeks left of the 2010-2011 school year, and the next year will be upon us soon, with our year-round schedule. I have purchased all the books, made a million lists, and things are finally starting to consolidate themselves into right piles and bins and charts.

Third grade is a big leap. Honestly, what we will be doing won’t change drastically, but to my mind this is the year we make “real” all our practice and trial runs. In the last two years I have figured out how I work best, how Hans and Jaeger work best, taught them to read, tried multiple ways of planning and scheduling, changed up the order of everything too often, and amassed a good collection of materials and books.

Now it’s time to settle down and put into practice what I have learned by trial and error for the last two years and by reading for the last seven. I was pleased as I put together my plans to see that I am reusing many of the non-consumable materials I’ve used previous year. What we have done and used in previous years is all collected up in the “Home Educating” tab at the top of the blog.

So, I am going to post subject by subject the books and the plans we have for this coming year, hoping it will be helpful for others. Many of the things I am using or the way I am doing this is the direct result of other mothers sharing their details, and so I am now returning the favor and hoping I can contribute to others as much as so many have contributed to me. This will all go in a new tab at the top called “Current School Year.”

2011-2012 School Year

Morning Gathering (Circle Time): Prayer, Calendar, Mottos, Manners/Protocol, Hymns, Scripture and Catechism memory, history/Bible/language memory songs

Table Lessons: Math, Bible, Spelling, Penmanship

Couch Time: Poetry, Fairy Tales, Literature, H&J read aloud,

Group Lessons: World History Survey, World Geography, Nature Study

Hans’ Tutored Lessons: Latin, Written Narrations, Piano (with Dad)

Jaeger’s Tutored Lessons: Phonics/Reading, Piano (with Mom)

Ilse’s Tutored Lessons: Alphabet & Counting book, Catechism & Psalm 1 memory, Nursery Rhymes & Picture Books

Hans’ Independent Work: History and Literature reading, Map Work, Drawing, Book of Centuries, Poetry Memorization, Science, Picture Study

Jaeger’s Independent Work: Poetry Memorization, Map Work, Drawing, Book of Centuries, Greek Alphabet, Geography & Literature reading, Picture Study

Other: Psalm & Proverb daily, Composer Listening, Free Reading, Chores, Yardwork, Gardening, End-of-Term Oral Exams

Places to Shop for School Stuff

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