GTD for Homemakers: Examples of the Lists I Keep

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31 Days to GTD for Homemakers & Homeschoolers

We are more than halfway through this month of practical, hands-on, and real-life organization and time management posts! I’m thoroughly enjoying participating in The Nester’s “31 Days” meme with “31 Days to GTD for Homemakers.” GTD is an acronym referring to David Allen’s books and system, Getting Things Done. And if anybody needs to get things done, it’s mothers managing a home.

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Of the making of lists there is no end

Ah, music to my ears, from Getting Things Done:

Making lists, ad hoc, as they occur to you, is one of the most powerful yet subtlest and simplest procedures that you can instill in your life. […] Get comfortable with checklists, both ad hoc and more permanent. Be ready to create and eliminate them as required. Appropriately used, they can be a tremendous asset in personal productivity.

Here are some of my lists to get your own creative juices flowing:

  • Projects
  • errands (one list per store or store category with a shopping list)
  • decorating (with notes of ideas or steps of projects)
  • blog (post ideas or snippets)
  • hospitality (a list of families that we’ve said “we should have them over sometime”)
  • Christmas gift-giving
  • Confection Selection (a yearly church event)
  • On-hand Reference
  • medical
  • wardrobe (sizes, etc.)
  • basement freezer inventory
  • master grocery list
  • Waiting For
  • items loaned out
  • ask Matt to do
  • upcoming reviews of Simplified Dinners
  • Someday/Maybe
  • things I might want (but after they’ve sat on a list for 3 months I usually decide I don’t)
  • school ideas 2013
  • school ideas 2014+
  • holiday ideas
  • day trip ideas
  • 2013 resolution ideas
  • books to read
  • movies to watch
  • crochet project ideas
  • checklists
  • items that belong in the church bag
  • cleaning day tasks
  • morning routine
  • evening routine
  • solid foods for baby
  • Women’s Ministries chairwoman responsibilities
  • definitions of education
  • packing lists
  • this year’s resolutions

Always and only use lists as needed to create focus until you reach “cruise control”:

The degree to which any of us needs to maintain checklists and external controls is directly related to our unfamiliarity with the area of responsibility. […] There have been times when I needed to make a list of areas that I had to handle, temporarily, until things were under control. […] After the business got onto “cruise control” to some degree, I no longer needed that list.

What lists help you keep things running smoothly?


Mystie’s book, Declutter Your Head will walk you through the process of clearing your head and organizing your home so you can take calm, intentional action. Also available on kindle.

GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company.

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