5 Days of Organizing Your Hospitality – Day 3: Organize the Food

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5 Days of Organizing and Cleaning

Be sure to check out the other 5-Days series running this week. You’ll find everything from organizing your bathroom to finding cheap organizational tools. Do also click over to Sidetrack Sarah’s landing page for the series to enter for other great prizes including $50 cash, a $20 Home Depot gift card, and a bunch of eBooks (including my own Simplified Dinners).

Day 3: Organize the Menu Plans for Hospitality

  1. Organize Your Attitude
  2. Organize the People
  3. Organize the Food
  4. Organize Your Preparations
  5. Organize Your Evening

I think we sometimes feel like we have to prepare an impressive, gourmet meal when we have people over for dinner. However, remember that this is hospitality, not entertaining. Our goal is to promote fellowship, not impress others with our skills.

Better is a dinner of frozen lasagna where love is than braised brisket with stress and anxiety. Or something like that.

My own hospitality dinner philosophy is to prepare normal family-style dinners most of the time. Hospitality is a sharing of life, not a dinner party. And, actually, the home-cooked family-style meal is so neglected these days that it is as impressive to some as a Julia-Child-inspired menu. There are the times when a Pinterest dinner recipe catches my eye and I do make something “nicer” for company, but my standard policy is to make regular food, and serve plenty of it.



My Go-To Hospitality Meals

A good dinner for company is one that can be made earlier in the day, that sits in the oven for awhile, or that the men can go out and grill. Meals that require last-minute assembly and must be served immediately as they are done create stress and make it difficult to actually be a hostess when your guests arrive. As mentioned before, the exception to this is grilling. With grilled meals, my prep work is done ahead of time, but then when guests arrive the husbands (and, hopefully, the children) can go outside to grill while the ladies stay inside for a little peace and quiet and a few complete sentences before the rush of dinner.

Crockpot Meals

  • pulled BBQ pork on buns with coleslaw
  • soup, salad, & easy artisan bread
  • beef or pork roasts, roasted potatoes & veggies

Oven Meals

Grilled Meals

  • chicken or beef kabobs with lots of veggies & grilled flatbread
  • marinated chicken, easy artisan bread turned grilled garlic toast, and grilled veggies
  • hamburgers, baked beans, oven-roasted fries, and salad

Easy Desserts

Italicized meals are found in my eBook, Simplified Dinners. Also, if you sometimes serve guests with food allergies or special diets, Simplified Dinners: Gluten- and Dairy-Free Edition makes it easy to prepare “normal” food that is still gluten and dairy free (with a page on ingredients to double-check) yet will appeal to everyone. Unlike Simplified Dinners, the gluten & dairy free edition includes a dessert page, so that you can put together a whole meal for friends and family with food intolerances.

5 Days of Cleaning and Organizing

Join us tomorrow as we delve into organizing your preparations for hospitality!


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