Capturing Contentment: Declutter Toys

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Spring decluttering time! We’ll do our pretty–happy–funny–real backwards this month for a before & after effect.

Real — Before

This week Simple Mom’s Project Simplify area was children’s toys, an area that can always use attention at our house!

My first step was to grab some empty buckets and tell the kids to simply find as many toys hidden in nooks and crannies (and not) and fill the buckets. They didn’t have to put them all away in the right spot; they only had to gather. If they filled one bucket in under 10 minutes, I would give them a treat.

Well, they filled TWO buckets. And then I went around and found even more.

And I added my laundry toy collecting bucket to the mix, too. It’s about due for an emptying. Any toys rattling around in the dryer get confiscated into this bucket.

Funny — Still Before

It’s amazing how many Legos can be scattered throughout a house.

I also found a mass grave under the playroom couch cushions.

Random toys just find little hiding places all over. I think my boys believe this counts as decorating.

Happy — Process

I actually enjoy sorting and organizing, so this is as much the payoff point for me as having it done. After all, it never stays done for long. It’s best to enjoy the process, because I’ll be doing it over again soon.

I dumped out the toy bins and sorted into empty containers. This always dismays the children when it appears I am bent on simply making more work. They don’t yet believe that it’s faster and easier to do it this way.

Pretty — Team

Sure, the finished product is somewhat appealing. But as you can see, it doesn’t even last long enough to get a picture of it.

No, the pretty is found in my crew:

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  1. Leila

    Thanks for joining! Great work on the decluttering!