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Our Circle Time Binder plan for our memory material worked out swimmingly this past year. The only problems we encountered with the system had to do with the fallibility of paper and economy binders. Flags unstuck or got lost a few times. The binders are falling apart at the seams. Each boy is missing a few hymns through attrition. The backs of most of Jaeger’s papers depict battles.

So we are sticking with our binder system for Circle Time, but the binders are getting an overhaul. I am attempting to reinforce them to be boy-resistant, though it is probably a losing battle. I also set up day of the week tabs so we can skip the move-the-flag business. I avoided that at first because Wednesday in particular is often skipped due to morning engagements. However, this year I am committing Circle Time to the same tier as math: a daily essential. We will begin that time at the table with personal devotions, and that isn’t something that should be skipped willy nilly.

More on the Circle Time plan later. For now, the new and improved memory work binders:

Memory Work Binder Components

  • Economy binder replaced by a Staples’ “Better Binder” with rubber edges and made with more durable materials.
  • Sheet protectors on all the memory work sheets
  • For tabs (because normal tabs don’t extend beyond sheet protectors), cardstock in a sheet protector with a durable index tab attached.
  • Redone memory work sheets that improve the formatting of long texts.

Memory Work Binder Organization

  • Before tabs: a Bible-reading checklist & lined paper for copying during personal Bible-reading time.
  • Daily tab: term’s hymn, term’s Psalm, term’s Bible passage, term’s poem.
  • Day-of-the-Week tab: review hymn, creed, Young Children’s catechism, Heidelberg catechism, review Psalm, 1-2 review Bible passages, a motto, a term history sentence, another review hymn.

So now, when Knox turns my pages, the paper will not tear.

Timeline Binder

This is the binder that holds any reference we use while we listen to our memory playlist.

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  1. Amy
    | Reply

    Just love all this stuff! So organized! We have Memory Work binders as well! :)

  2. Amber
    | Reply

    I kept thinking I should go to your blog and see what you were doing for your memory work binders… so glad I listened to that impulse. :-) Looks great and very useful – definitely something I’m going to implement this year! Are you making any tweaks to these for this upcoming school year? (My apologies if you’ve already posted on it and I missed it!) Thanks!

  3. Fe
    | Reply

    Oh! This is what I needed to read! I was just saying to someone last night that what I struggled with (well, you know, one thing!) was followthrough on memorisation! A file like this would help with that immenseley!
    Another link added to my (almost brand new:-) ) Evernote collection:-) (just as soon as I work out how to add tags!)

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