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Simplified Grocery Shopping

As mothers, we spend untold amount of time making sure our families have food to eat. Let’s look at some ways to take the stress and redundancy out of the process!

Yesterday: Don’t Be Tricked by Convenience Foods

Grocery Shopping Tip: Rely on standard, unbranded, whole foods instead of coupons.

simple grocery shopping

Ever been tempted to pay money to learn how to save money with coupons? It’s a thing. But, it’s not a thing you need.

You don’t need more Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup or Malt-o-Meal Tootie Fruities. Coupons are advertising, and most of the food they try to sell you is not real, whole, good-for-you food. Moreover, if you buy more than you use, or buy it without a plan and it sits in your pantry, that’s not really saving you money.

Food you buy with a plan, knowing you will use it to make the meals your family loves will save you money. Buying food without a plan, simply because it was on sale or on coupon, is a recipe for spending more than you realize and still feeling like “there’s nothing to eat.”

grocery shopping without stress

However, sometimes there are coupons for foods on the master pantry list. We don’t want to turn up our noses at an extra 50-cents off an item we were going to buy anyway!

If I run across a coupon for an item on my master pantry list (usually I find these in-store, since we don’t get the newspaper and I don’t spend any time seeking out coupons), I either buy the item with the coupon attached right then and there, or I take the coupon and add it to my wallet, right in front of my debit card. The hope is that I’ll see it before I pay. Usually there’s only one or three there, if there are any, so it’s not hard to just look at real quick as I pull out my card to pay for the groceries.

There is no added time here, no extra notes, no extra organization, no extra binder or file folders. No extra hassle or time added. Personally, I simply don’t think the coupon craze is worth the time and hassle it takes.

grocery shopping made easier

Companies wouldn’t put out the coupons if it wasn’t simply effective advertising. Don’t buy into the gimmick.

Just buy your normal foods and don’t be tempted by coupons anymore than you’d be tempted by television commercials or roadside bulletin boards.

Tomorrow: Shop at fewer stores

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