Planning the Best Part of Your Day: Circle Time

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Kendra, of Preschoolers and Peace, has revamped her eBook, Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day, adding photos, more detail, and printable planning pages!

Circle Time is one of the most valuable things we do in our homeschool, even though many days it is quite draining. It can be hard to get a vision for what it looks like, because everyone does something a little different. Kendra outlines possibilities, gives you the pep talk, and helps you see how you can put it all together.

circle time book As she writes her helpful guide,

It’s all about having a plan and carrying it out. If your babies and preschoolers are like mine, they won’t be entirely happy about their new way of life when you begin Circle Time. Once they get the hang of it and you have worked out all the bugs, Circle Time can be a time of fun and learning together, growing in grace, and loving each other.

Each family’s Circle Time is going to reflect its own personality and culture. Don’t worry about following anyone else’s plan to a T, but take what is helpful and useful for your family and just set aside the time to sing and memorize and read together, whether it is little bits or a full hour or more.

To get a feel for some of the possibilities, and to see how others put it together, you can also look at these detailed blog posts by other bloggers. There is no one right way to do Circle Time. It is a place to put in the little pieces you want in your homeschool, but that are so easy to brush aside and neglect.

circle time

Pick and choose the elements that would fit your own family, and don’t feel pressure to make yours look like someone else’s. Even 10 minutes together “counts” as Circle Time. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or incorporate every subject. It can, but it doesn’t have to.

Do you have favorite Circle Time resources to share?

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  1. Kendra Fletcher
    | Reply

    Great resource list, Mystie! Thanks for the post. We love Circle Time!

  2. Jane
    | Reply

    I love your blog and the things you share!!! Thank you so much!!! If you wouldn’t mind giving us a peak into what you do or what things you cover in your circle time? I am just curious! :). Blessings!

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      You can look back over posts tagged with circle time ( and see my various posts with our memory work. Some people use Circle Time for all group lessons, but at our house it’s only memory work (including singing) time.

      I’m just getting started planning next year, so there will be more posts on what we will be doing forthcoming!

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