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Everyone has their favorite picture books. These are mine: My best picture book list.

Organize your homeschool lists

Homeschool lists! Let’s talk and share all sorts of lists this month during The Nester’s 31 Days series. I’ll share my lists, from managing day to day details to book lists to checklists to supply lists – rest assured, if it can be listed, I have listed it. So I pulled my best lists – yes, I had to abridge and combine the list of lists to bring it down to 31 – and I’ll be sharing them this month. I’m looking forward to it!

Tons of Homeschooling Lists

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My Top 12 Picture Book Picks

My Top 12 Picture Books

There are lots of great picture books out there, but these are the ones I absolutely love, the ones I have no problem reading every day. These are the top 12 picture books that I would go so far as to replace with beautiful hardbacks for my own house when I am a grandmother.

I was going to do top 10, but by the time I deleted to 12, I couldn’t bear to pare back further. There are many more picture books I love, but these are the ones I will replace even after I no longer have young children.

What are your absolute favorite picture books?

Also, don’t miss my list of beautiful fairy tale picture books.

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  1. kortney
    | Reply

    we don’t know A House is a House for Me! putting it on hold RIGHT NOW : )

  2. Mystie Winckler
    | Reply

    It seems a bit silly putting it on the same list as St. George and the Dragon, but it’s fun to read, especially if you like words. :)

  3. Virginia Lee
    | Reply

    You are a woman of much strength! It would have killed me to narrow picture books down to top 12. Maybe top 20? Ha. Our family loves all of your top 12. Except I could never get into The Story of Ping. I’d have to replace that one with The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant. But I’m from the South, so maybe it resonates w me cause of that? My husband is Colorado born and raised and he thinks it’s weird.

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