Convivial Contentment: Spring Fever

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The family (read: every non-day-job-daylight-hour for Matt with the rest of us pitching in here and there) has been and will be busy with yard work of all kinds this spring. We’re going to be hosting my brother’s wedding reception in late June, so we have a crazy amount of yard work to do.

That seems like a great reason to end the school year early, doesn’t it? Can we? Can we? Please?

Pretty Day

We took 30 minutes of one “elementary lessons” afternoon to nature journal. Our sprinklers were on, so we explored our neighbor’s yard (she has better planted areas anyway; she’s also a good friend, goes to the same church, and also homeschools).

It was a gorgeous day. We might have to start taking our books outside more often in our last few weeks. After winter gray days, I just want to bask outside.

Happy Garden

enjoy homeschooling

enjoy homeschooling

I have 6 3×6 boxes for herbs and garden vegetables, plus a 2×30 row of strawberries (new last year, so they are still sparse and haven’t produced much yet); a row with 3 (previously 4) grape vines; a row I’m trying to get raspberries established in (looks like we might get some this year!); and another 30′ row for growing vertical plants like peas, beans, and cucumbers.

I always get in over my head, but it’s just so exciting in April to start things! Between all the garden rows and boxes is grass, so keeping the paths clear is the lawn mower’s job.

Funny Thought

enjoy homeschooling

There’s a rose garden area that has always been on the other side of the fence in an invisible side yard that now will be incorporated into the back window. I’ll be able to see it from my kitchen window now!

It needs some work to spruce it back up after who knows how many years of neglect before the last 5 years of our own neglect. I took on the project of building a river rock wall around the area to separate it from the yard and hold in a new layer of rock or bark ground cover.

It wasn’t until I got started that I realized a wall means something flat and straight. My husband let me know where he keeps the level, and then I knew I was in for it. Straight is so not my thing. We’ll see how I manage in the end.

Real Work

enjoy homeschooling

In one area on the side of the house there’s a holly bush I detest. We were raking leaves one day and I handed the loppers to my son and said, “Destroy that bush.” He gladly started hacking away. The part that’s left now will need chainsaw work, but the boys did a great job clearing a bunch of overgrowth and suckers. And they loved every minute of it, too.

I did tell the four-year-old to stay well away while his brothers were wielding loppers. He was very sad he did not get a turn.

But he did get to play with mud.

Helmets, apparently, make good bowls.

enjoy homeschooling

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  1. kellyinpa
    | Reply

    Looks like you have wonderful helpers! I envy your spring fever; I would have it if it ever got above 65 degrees here. Can’t wait to get outside and employ my helpers as well;)

  2. Geoff Paulson
    | Reply

    Good call on having the four-year old stay away from the loppers. Our family has bad luck with those after all.

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Yes, I lost count of how many times the Story of the Lost Finger was told. :)

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