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What do elementary students need to do their school work? Not much. This is my essential homeschool supply list for the kids. It’s pretty basic.

Yes, one month full of homeschooling lists! I’m joining up with The Nester’s 31 Days series and sharing 31 homeschool lists with you! Everything from sanity strategies to book lists to managing life details: I’ve got lists and I’m sharing them all month.

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What do homeschooled elementary students need to do their school work? Not much.

Elementary Homeschool Supplies

What’s on my shopping list for school supplies before we begin our school year? Despite my love of office supplies and my tendency to go overboard with excitement over new “solutions,” I’ve honed it down to these few necessities now:

  • My new favorite school supply containers, one per child – they keep track of their own stuff, starting at age 9 (I tried this method younger and it failed miserably).
  • Their choice of 50-count colored pencils or 64-count crayons for the year (if they lose them, they simply have fewer – no resupply until the next school year). I went with Crayola and will upgrade them to something nicer in middle school when (if?) they stop leaving their
  • A mechanical pencil (so they don’t have to spend 45 minutes of every school morning walking back and forth from the pencil sharpener)
  • A clipboard
  • A composition notebook for their own common placing, note taking, and drawing.

Except for lots and lots of books, which you’ve already seen, and their Memory Work Binders, that’s all. Their clipboards hold their weekly checklist (which I will share) and any pages they are working on that day. All our school stuff has a home to live in when school time is over, and putting their own stuff away is on their daily checklist. I still have to call them back to remind them half the days, but it works better than leaving it to my reminders and nagging only.

Are you often frustrated with the repetitive nature of housework? Do you wonder if it’s even worth your time at all? Do you get angry when your work is immediately undone by your little ones?

If so, Rejoicing in Repetition: Toward Joy in Housework, a meditation on the beauty found in the mundane and repetitious, will lift you up and help you regain a clear perspective.

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4 Responses

  1. Elizabethe
    | Reply

    Hmm, I was just going to get mine separate bins for their crayons and coloring books, but my oldest is just eight. I’m going to try anyway because the communal bin is not working for us right now.

    Otherwise, I’m similar to you. I add several spiral bound notebooks, my kids like to create their own stories with pictures and go through several of these a year. I also lay in a bunch of historical and bible coloring books for coloring during read alouds.

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Well, different personalities would make a difference there. Mine don’t seem to care if they lose theirs and run short on colors. It bugs me more than them that their set isn’t complete. :)

  2. Leslie
    | Reply

    Hi Mystie, just so you know, the links are bad in this post. By the way, I LOVE your materials. They are so, so helpful!

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