Paperless Planning Tip: Saving PDFs straight to Evernote

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There are numerous blogs and pins out there with pictures of beautiful paper organization systems. Certainly a paper-based binder can be prettier than digital version – for some people. None of the paper systems I ever put together looked half so nice as pictures online. What the digital version lacks in cuteness, however, it makes up for in accessibility and versatility.

Two words: search function.

Moreover, the digital version is the frugal option if you already have the tools. If you have a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, why not use them to their full potential? Why add a heavy, clumsy binder or file crate if you already have the gadgets? You can keep many more lists, much more information, have it all be easier to find, all while taking up less space than if you kept those papers, much less if you made and printed more and more.

Paperless planning doesn't have to be dull and boring. Learn how to utilize PDFs within Evernote to be

Making a digital management system won’t make a crafty mess and, by the end of the project, will reduce or eliminate your paper clutter instead of merely containing it.

And now, there’s a way to make your Evernote notes just as pretty as the colorful printables: editable PDFs. More and more of the free printables online are being made so that you can edit them on your computer before printing. But why print them at all? Instead, pop them into Evernote and keep them searchable and accessible.

I’ve created these short video tutorials to show you how quick and easy it is to do:

You can get that free menu plan sheet and start keeping your plans recorded and reusable!

Pam’s free homeschool planning pages can also be found at her store, Everyday Printables. But remember – you don’t have to print them!

And, of course, Paperless Home Organization will hold your hand through the entire process of getting Gmail, Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, and Evernote set up.

Learn how Evernote can help you get organized. Download the free set up guide to get started today with paperless home organization.

Evernote is great for home organization!

Download the free guide and learn how to set up your own Evernote system to work for you.
Stop losing information. Keep it safe & searchable in Evernote.
Paperless planning doesn't have to be dull and boring. Learn how to utilize PDFs within Evernote to be

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  1. skeenah
    | Reply

    Hi Mystie, I was wondering if there is any way to do this on a Windows computer? I don’t have the “pdf” option in the bottom left corner of the dialogue box or any place else. Thank you!

  2. Katrina
    | Reply

    I don’t have that option either. Any ideas? I do have the option to use a PDF printer but it just wants to save it onto my computer…

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