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When you prepare and serve 21 meals a week, some bloopers and also some beauties are bound to occur.

This week was no exception.


Pretty Apples

If you give a boy an apple… and a knife…

Put the boy in charge of cutting apples, and they will be “geometric.” That is, he said to himself, “Let’s see how many different shapes I can make!”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that no matter what shape they were, and even if they were all the same, they’d all still be geometric.

But he had a good time and he got the job done and the evidence was quickly destroyed.



My breakfast of late: scrambled eggs, greens with a little crumbled bacon, and a small dish of yogurt with blueberries.

Complete, delicious, and enough to carry my through a full, long morning of homeschooling my brood.

Not pictured: copious amounts of coffee.

What’s your breakfast of choice?



We had beef-flavored glazed carrots for dinner the other evening – all because I am lazy. But it turned out pretty well.

I’d had to brown some ground beef in my big pan, then I added it to the meal-to-be collecting in the crockpot. When it came time to prepare a side dish, I pulled out my staple shortcut: baby carrots.

I almost grabbed another pan, but then decided the beef bits would just add some flavor and might actually be good – it was a good hunch! Not only did I have one fewer pan to wash, the big skillet was easier to clean for having some extra liquid simmer in it, and the carrots were delicious.

Try it sometime!

Real Helpful

Breakfast is such a linchpin to the rest of our day, but it’s easily overwhelming to have to begin the day by feeding all the troops. At least at our house, it can get a little crazy and chaotic. People are hungry, people are groggy, people need to get going.

I’m so excited to be able to bring you some breakfast (and lunch!) tips from Tracy Grossman, a homeschooling mom of 5 (soon to be 6!) who took breakfast pandemonium into her hands and came up with a solution – a simplified solution, no less.

She will be sharing more about what she’s learned, what has worked, and other tips so we can all tame that breakfast beast.

You’ll want to sign up so you don’t miss anything – some of these tips and tricks will be delivered only to email subscribers:

I’ve been using Tracy’s versatile muffin recipe weekly for over a month now. She has some good stuff coming your way!

Life in Photos

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