Create an island of sanity.

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Organize your attitude #12

It’s pretty much inevitable. With a busy, active family, the stuff will quickly move from their designated homes and fill the clear horizontal spaces.

How can we handle this in the middle of an average day while keeping our calm and still caring about how we keep our homes?

We must remember that the point of organizing is not so everything is neat and tidy and clear all the time. The point is that we are ready to do the right next thing; that we are maintaining an atmosphere of love and order in our home; and that our environment supports not only our work, but also the work of our children – the work of learning and growing and thriving.

That work is messy.

Enter: the island of sanity.

An island of sanity in your kitchen is a way to restore peace and calm not only to your home environment, but also to your mind and attitude. One small win.

To help maintain your calm equilibrium in the midst of the chaotic, messy day-to-day, designate one small area as your own personal island of sanity.

When you don’t know where to start, start here.

So often, there’s so much out and so much clutter and so much to do that we don’t even know where to start.

When you have chosen an island of sanity, you always know where to start. And starting is always the hardest part.

Knowing where to start helps you get going and build momentum. Knowing where to start helps you build your habits and appreciate a clear space – even one clear space in the midst of chaotic clutter.

Build the habit of keeping it clear.

When I was learning to care about cleanliness and neatness, choosing one island of sanity and appreciating this one small spot in a sea of “need to do” around the house helped me so much.

It gave me a small win.

It gave me hope that the order would spread.

It gave me a small area to conquer, so I could build out from there.

When you feel like you’re going crazy looking at all that needs to be done, start with your island of sanity.

Claiming a space as an island of sanity gives you a manageable chunk to do when you feel like looking at everything that could be done will drive you up a wall.

Instead of thinking over and over again about everything that should be done, just start doing – start by clearing your island of sanity.

Instead of yelling at everyone to take care of their stuff, start with your own stuff on your island of sanity and move everyone else’s stuff to some other horizontal spot for them to deal with at EHAP.

Instead of wallowing in vague overwhelm, roll up your sleeves and simply tackle your island of sanity. Just doing a small, visibly effective task will help you calm down and get some perspective. It really will become a spot that reminds you that you can be calm, cool, and collected, even in the sea of bustling activity – just like this one small segment of counter can be clear in the sea of stuff.

Having one small area to tend consistently helps us let go of the desire to control and claim all the horizontal spaces in our home. It helps us take control of our own attitude first and foremost.

  1. Beulah
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    That was a great point Mystie! Lot of times I struck up with a starting trouble. Planning a definite point to start whenever there is a mess will definitely help to not to get overwhelm or to analyze where to start and it helps to jump in and start from that point. Thanks for the idea!

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