SO004 | Interval Planning: Keep laser focus

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Season 1: Interval Planning

Stay focused on what matters.

Leverage the interval training technique in your personal life by setting up your calendar in intervals and planning goals accordingly. Planning and executing in short-term bursts is a great way to keep laser focus and high energy. By always keeping short deadlines and tackling manageable chunks, you can avoid overwhelm and procrastination.

As you make your plan, look at your calendar and the season and be realistic. It’s really easy to leave out projects you’re committed to because you aren’t counting them as projects. Don’t “assume” projects – they all have to be on the plan. Even kids’ birthdays have to be accounted for (or anything that requires gift buying), at least on the tasks list if not the project list.

If it must happen this interval, then it must be on your list.


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Interval Planning: Keeping Laser Focus

Make your goals manageable. Then do them.

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Follow the bibliographic trail

These are the books that inspired me to plan in short bursts rather than with long-term goal setting.



Build the habits of productivity needed to stay focused at home.


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  1. Tricia Fowler
    | Reply

    Really enjoying the audio blogs! I think I am going to try the interval planning because of your inspiration!

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