SC021: Virtue Is the Goal of Classical Education

Season 4: Classical Education Basics

Although the idea of classical homeschooling can be intimidating and appear unreachable, it is far more down-to-earth than we might think. This task is not too lofty for us, homeschooling moms with households to run; in fact, our very lifestyles are an asset, not a hindrance.

If you’ve ever thought you needed to focus more on character than your curriculum checklist, you might be more classical than you think.

We don’t need to abandon structure or high standards in order to focus on character, though we are right to swing the pendulum that direction.

After all, one’s soul is more important than one’s resumé.

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If you’ve ever thought you needed to focus more on character than your curriculum checklist, you might be more classical than you think.


Recommended Books:

Simple Sanity Saver: What’s on my attitude alignment sheet?

A morning attitude alignment sheet is an attitude focusing tool. It’s simple and straightforward, and might even seem silly. But it’s effective. Try it. I dare you.

Here’s one of my favorites from the Conviction attitude alignment sheet I created for the first module of The Art of Homeschooling:

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action. –Frank Tibolt

When I read this – maybe even copy it – I am reminded that it doesn’t matter whether I feel like starting the school day or not, it’s what I need to do. Start, and the inspiration follows – sometimes, anyway. It doesn’t matter if I feel like doing the dishes or folding the laundry. It doesn’t matter if I feel like exercising – it’s in the middle of choosing to do the right thing instead of the convenient feel-good thing that I actually do feel good and become inspired to keep going. Instead of letting my momentary desires dictate my path, I can make a conscious decision that will change my trajectory and that trajectory will increase my inspiration and my productivity.

If an attitude and motivation readjustment is what you need, check out The Art of Homeschooling, a five-step program for weary, overwrought homeschool moms.

Download your own free attitude alignment sheet below. Then use discount code podcast to get $10 off The Art of Homeschooling – you’ll love it, or I’ll give you your money back, right away.

Get started with a free attitude alignment cheat sheet that will help keep you focused on what matters:

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