SC023: The Liberal Arts Are Musical

Season 4: Classical Education Basics

Clark and Jain define a musical education not as one that is full of music or instruments, but as one that is rich with “the subjects inspired by the Muses.”

Musical education is soul-craft: carried out properly, it tunes the soul and makes one receptive to truth and goodness.

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Simple Sanity Saver: Morning Attitude Alignment Sheet

Why do you need an attitude alignment sheet?

A morning attitude alignment sheet is an attitude focusing tool. It’s simple and straightforward, and might even seem silly. But I promise it’s crazy effective.

I have found that a morning attitude alignment sheet helps me keep my eyes on the prize. It’s so easy in the midst of daily life to get caught up in the details and the duties and forget the big picture aims we’re working toward.

Homeschooling is a game that has to be played with the long view.

To keep us on the right track, moving forward however slowly, we need to keep our eyes on the goal we’re after. To have direction and be confident in the next step moving us in that direction, we have to know where we want to end up.

The attitude alignment page consists of Scripture and quotes to focus us on where we’re going and what’s important.

It is a way to purposefully set our minds on truth each day. We need to fill our minds with truth until it sinks into our hearts and then moves out our fingertips.
Spend just 2-3 minutes before you begin your homeschooling day reading these selections slowly, meditatively, and prayerfully. You will then move forward with increased confidence and improved vision.

The Art of Homeschooling is all about building both our confidence and our capacity as homeschool moms.

Download your own free attitude alignment sheet below. Then use discount code podcast to get $10 off The Art of Homeschooling – you’ll love it, or I’ll give you your money back, right away.

Get started with a free attitude alignment cheat sheet that will help keep you focused on what matters:

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