SC025: Classical Homeschooling in Our Home

Season 4: Classical Education Basics

I like to talk about education philosophy and principles much more than methods, though I do have a soft spot for practical tips. However, unless we are grounded in our principles, we will be tossed to and fro by all the practical tips out there.

Over the last year, I’ve written about classical education principles and how they affect not only our curriculum and our teaching, but also how we as mothers live out our lives in our homes with our families. Because principles don’t just shape how we school. They shape how we live.

What your homeschool looks like, even as you try working toward classical education principles, depends on where you’ve been, and how and when you entered this path.

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Simple Sanity Saver: Morning Attitude Alignment Sheet

If we strategize ways to jump-start our days, to pull ourselves out of our whining heads, and to just get started – and then do them – we’ll find we aren’t as lazy as we feared. We can consistently show up and do the work, and even consistently be excited about it.

We simply have to turn our attention away from our in-the-moment desires and set our minds actively on what really, eternally matters. Then act on those truths.

Using the morning attitude alignment sheet will help you do just that. By repeating to ourselves our priorities and vision, we can keep our sight on things above, on our goals and our purpose rather than on details and discouragements. It’s simple, straightforward, and crazy effective.

The Art of Homeschooling is all about building in such streamlined practices to keep us clear and capable in our homeschool journey.

Download your own free attitude alignment sheet below. Then use discount code podcast to get $10 off The Art of Homeschooling – you’ll love it, or I’ll give you your money back, right away.

Get started with a free attitude alignment cheat sheet that will help keep you focused on what matters:

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