SC037: How to lesson plan so you’re never behind

Season 6: Homeschool Planning

Some homeschool moms – maybe those with school-teacher backgrounds – have elaborate homeschool lesson plans – full sheets of papers full of ideas, notes, references, activities, and objectives.

Many homeschool moms have no lesson plans at all.

I have never been in that first category, but more often find myself in the latter. Even though I love planning, lesson plans seemed more like a waste of time than anything else.

The truth is that a plan does make a thing more likely to happen.

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Clever Curriculum Connection

Now, Latin has been hit or miss, quite honestly, in our average days. Too often Latin is what gets bumped when life goes awry. With a DVD and workbook, it would be easy to have my boys simply go through the motions of progress of Latin on their own: They can watch the video, I can assign workbook pages, and that could be all. But that is really just a waste of everyone’s time. No language is going to be learned that way. It’s all going to go in one ear and out the other and never stick.

So, rather than simply move on through the curriculum so we can stay on schedule and cover a book a year, we have taken the next step as we can and tried to master the lesson before moving on. This means a slower pace, especially since Latin might only happen twice a week rather than every day. But I’m ok with slow progress, especially if not finishing a book a year means we’ve actually gained the ground we’re covering.

So it has taken us about two years per level in Latin for Children , which is written as a year-long curriculum. That’s ok. Some Latin is better than none. And learned Latin is better than skimmed Latin.

I’ve been less apt to ditch the Latin when feeling the squeeze this year, choosing to prioritize it over other things. Also, I am sleeping through the night and don’t have a baby – that means fewer lessons get skipped than used to be. Perhaps when my third and fourth child start Latin we will actually be able to do a level a year.

Perhaps they will teach it to their children and so actually get to the point of reading Latin. Perhaps my grandchildren will be able to teach my great-grandchildren Latin through speaking it and actually achieve the immersion approach. Taking the long view helps ease the pressure of “finishing up.” This is a generational journey, not simply a school-year journey. I am planting seeds and do not know what fruit will be reaped 10, 20, 30 years from now. I am content to be planting little seeds and watering them as best I can, even while wishing I were a harvester of ripe crops – that’s not my place in the story.

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