SO018: One Quick Hack to Improve Your Plan

Season 3: Review Required

Write your plan the night before and supercharge your day.

The day was over. The kids in bed, the house quiet.

Time to sigh, breathe deep, and decide how to relax.

I glanced down and I caught sight of my daily index card plan I’d made that morning.

Ugh. I’d totally forgotten about it after the hubbub of the day had begun. I had begun with such high hopes and ended up feeling like I’d simply held on for dear life.

Oh well. I thought. That’s just my season of life right now.

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve told people to be sure to plan their days. Just 10 minutes in the morning makes a big difference.

I was wrong.

What really makes a big difference is if you make your daily plan the night before.

Making some sort of plan first thing in the morning will probably help more than making no plan – as long as you look at it during the day.

A plan made during the evening, however, has much more sticking power for two very potent reasons.

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One Quick Hack to Improve Your Plan

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