SO027: Dreaming of Perfect Systems

Season 5: Attitude Organization

I do not have a system that will make life easy, because that’s not the goal in life.

God’s goal for our lives is our sanctification. That’s not an easy road. But it is a good one. And if our eyes and our aims are fixed on growth rather than checkmarks, on building rather than on success, then our attitudes will be aligned with reality, the reality that God doesn’t let us control our outcomes. But He does call us to faithful obedience and stewardship.

Therefore, our purpose in learning to make better plans and work them out more effectively is to serve well, not to prove ourselves.

The reason we care about planning at all is that we want to fulfill the responsibilities God has given us. We want to be ready and willing to meet the good works God has laid out for us to do, and then, as Paul writes, do so more and more.

We really must begin with organizing our attitude before we organize anything else.

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Dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good.

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