#089: Why we need friends

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Welcome to the Simply Convivial Audio blog. I’m Mystie Winckler, a homeschool graduate myself now homeschooling my 5 kids who span first grade to tenth grade. Homemaking and homeschooling was harder than I thought it’d be, so I write and speak to keep my own head in the game and I hope it helps you do the same, too.

Today’s episode is a reminder that we are not alone, we are not each our own islands and we shouldn’t pretend to be or try to be. Friends aren’t a fun accessory; friends are necessary for perspective and encouragement. Sometimes isolation seems like a good idea, but it isn’t.

Let’s dig in.

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Share the load.

If you’re trapped in a burnt out mode, unable to keep up and incapable of putting a smile on it, one way out is to let go of situation-control and share the load.

There’s a reason Scripture tells us to not grow weary in doing good – that’s really a thing. We feel weary, but we’re called not only to persevere but to be zealous for good works. That takes planning, intention, and joy. It won’t happen on accident. We get weary because it turns out that doing what we ought, even just at home, is harder than we expected.

It’s our expectations and our attitudes that are out of whack more than our stuff. Simply Convivial Membership provides you with the support and perspective that you need to dig in and practice not only diligence, but diligence with joy. Courses, texts, community, discussion, workshops, and more, are there when you need it – for as much or as little as you can handle at the time. Need to target a specific area? There’s a lesson for that and a place to talk it through with others.

Visit Simply Convivial Membership to learn more. April’s theme is laundry, and all members have the option of participating in Sweep & Smile live – a 6 week course on tackling habit housekeeping routines. It’s practical, specific, and challenging. Join membership to access Sweep & Smile and so much more!

Inside Membership you’ll be able to

  • Learn from gospel-centered homemaking & homeschooling self-paced courses you can navigate on your own terms. Level up your plans and progress, one step at a time.
  • Find a community of likeminded women, working to find what’s important, and do it – every day.
  • Get support through ongoing conversation, discipleship, and prompts to increase your skill and your motivation as we spur one another on to love and good works.
The direction & accountability homemakers need to make noticeable progress in their home management skills.

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