Write things down. – Get Organized #2

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Declutter your mind when you write things down, right away. This is step number 2 for how to organize your life – and it’s a habit you should continue daily.

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A brain dump – which means write things down – is the best way to declutter your mind. Clear your mind so you get get organized more effectively.

Whether you use a brain dump journal or just a cheap spiral notebook, a brain dump strategy will clear your mind and prepare you for organization at home. It’s the first step to declutter your mind so you can declutter your life. If you want to know how to get organized, start with a brain dump.

Write things down. All the things.

The first step for getting organized isn’t to buy containers or a label maker. The first step is to declutter your head.

We start every project and start getting organized by writing down everything in our heads. All those swirling thoughts and big ideas need to be written down on paper. When we write things down on paper instead of keeping them in our head, we can see them and think about them better.

When we write things down, we see first why we felt so crazy. We’re trying to keep track of and trying to work for too many things. When we see them on paper, we’re able to more clearly and deliberately choose where to place our attention. It gives us more objectivity as we think about what we ought to do next.

Secondly, a brain dump allows our mind the space and the freedom to actually think about those ideas creatively. It allows us to problem solve.

Our brains are not the place we want to store information or keep track of what needs to be done. So when we keep the information and reminders on paper, then we can use our brains for what they’re good at: thinking, solving, praying. So write things down for mental clarity and peace.

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