5 Things I Learned in June

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Well, we’re more than half done with July, but I still want to share the 5 things I learned in June. 1. Internet-free vacations are a beautiful thing. Well, our 8-day June vacation was nearly internet-free. My phone was always in my pocket as a camera, but we were out of range for our budget phone plan most of the time – which was quite alright with us. We took a road trip with my in-laws in our 12-passenger van … Read More

2019-2020 School Year: 6th & 4th Grade Plans

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Ok, so back to school year plans. It’s that time of year, right? It’s always good to remember that grade levels are a modern category without a correlation to reality. 6th grade and 4th grade are the grades that correspond to my middle children’s ages. I really do wish people would ask for kids’ ages instead of grade. It would be more accurate, if grades were a thing, to say both of them were 5th grade. And I do my … Read More

2019-2020 9th Grade Homeschool High School Plans

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My second son is starting high school this year, and I have already this summer seen the hopeful glimmers of the corresponding jump in maturity and responsibility – the kind mothers tend to despair of happening during 7th and 8th grade. When we met after the end of last school year, he had good insight not only into his own preferences, but into what actually helps him do his best work. We brainstormed ways to build in effective accountability and … Read More

2019-2020 11th Grade Plans – Dual Enrollment Adventures

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My oldest son is no longer my education experiment. He has passed all his mother’s criteria and the state’s for starting college. Using our state’s Running Start program which allows high school students to earn college credit in high school. My husband and I both used this program and graduated high school with an AA degree. He passed the test to enter the program with flying colors and begins his first college quarter with English 101, Psych 100, and Math … Read More

2019-2020 Morning Time Plans – without memory work binders

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I’ve written much over the years about our memory work binders. I have loved them, even when the creation of 5 identical hundred-page binders gave me headaches. The headache in the summer was worth it because of the headaches they prevented every school morning (that we did Morning Time). But, their time has passed, with weeping and mourning. I still highly recommend the process and think it’s super helpful. But it no longer fits our goals or our format for … Read More

#099: Do habits make life easy?

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Welcome to Simply Convivial, where we organize our attitudes before we organize anything else. Simply Convivial members grow in diligence and delight. Diligence comes from persistent practice, not instant perfection. Delight comes from working for God’s glory, not our own. We continue to grow in both because we know we’ll never attain either completely. We walk in faithfulness, spur each other on to love and good works, and repent, rejoice, repeat. I know many times in the past I’ve been … Read More

2019-2020 Homeschool Year Overview

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This will be a different kind of school year. Not all my children will be in my homeschool and I’m not doing any larger classes with other kids (besides our continued mini co-op with another family). My oldest will be taking a full load at the community college with their dual enrollment program. He’ll be out the door (driving himself, praise the Lord) at 6:30am. My youngest has been baby-stepping into school routines and will continue the next few baby … Read More

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