#099: Do habits make life easy?

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Welcome to Simply Convivial, where we organize our attitudes before we organize anything else. Simply Convivial members grow in diligence and delight. Diligence comes from persistent practice, not instant perfection. Delight comes from working for God’s glory, not our own. We continue to grow in both because we know we’ll never attain either completely. We walk in faithfulness, spur each other on to love and good works, and repent, rejoice, repeat. I know many times in the past I’ve been … Read More

2019-2020 Homeschool Year Overview

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This will be a different kind of school year. Not all my children will be in my homeschool and I’m not doing any larger classes with other kids (besides our continued mini co-op with another family). My oldest will be taking a full load at the community college with their dual enrollment program. He’ll be out the door (driving himself, praise the Lord) at 6:30am. My youngest has been baby-stepping into school routines and will continue the next few baby … Read More

What’s Working: Abby’s Interval Planning Routine

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Planning intervals has helped me set realistic goals, take stock of the season and make progress on projects. My intervals are about 12 weeks long, with special intervals for the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Year) and April when we take time off as a family to work on the family ranch for lambing. Right now I am planning for the summer or harvest season, which runs from about Memorial day to a little after Labor day. The big change … Read More

#098: Persevere, mama!

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Welcome to Simply Convivial, where we grow in diligence and delight, learning to love what must be done. I’m Mystie Winckler, wife, mother, homeschooler, reader, writer, and project-juggler. With the hundreds of women inside Simply Convivial Membership, I am held accountable not only to taking baby step progress day by day, but also to keeping my attitude aligned with truth every step of the way. We’d love to have you join us, too. Today’s post was inspired by something a … Read More

5 things to do to get organized today

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When you want to get organized where do you turn? A quick browse on Pinterest or a flip through the magazine at the dentist office leads us to assume that the way to organize life is to use chalkboard labels on baskets, which line every shelf in every closet. Someone who has achieved this feat has earned the badge, “Organized!” Of course, then there’s the spice jars to label and arrange alphabetically, even if you have twelve but only use … Read More

#097: What is a productive day, anyway?

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Welcome to Simply Convivial, where we remember that organization is about our attitudes, expectations, and responses more than about our closets, cupboards, and calendars. I’m Mystie Winckler, wife, homemaker, classical homeschooling mom of 5, and I’ve learned in home, homeschool, and life contentment in not getting ahead and in just keeping things together. It’s not giving up; it’s recognizing that God’s plan always rightly supersedes my own. In today’s episode we’ll discover how to rightly define a productive day, and … Read More

5 Things I Learned in May

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It’s another month! Time to pause and reflect and rejoice. #1 – Dual enrollment paperwork isn’t that bad. My oldest son will begin the dual enrollment program at the local community college, which means I had to enroll him in the school district. I wasn’t sure what they’d want to see for his high school work or what they’d want for paperwork, but was pleasantly surprised. He is enrolled, and we have to continue the appropriate bureaucracy through the high … Read More

The Decluttered Kitchen Project – step by step

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A decluttered kitchen is one of the first projects to undertake when minimizing and simplifying your home life. If you’ve ever wondered how to organize your life, you’ve probably thought of your cluttered kitchen. A decluttered kitchen helps with an organized, prepared life. So let’s take a look at the steps to achieving the goal of a decluttered kitchen. Step One: Take Stock What’s in your pantry right now? Half-used bits and pieces of specialty ingredients just waiting until they … Read More

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