The Key to Homeschooling Consistently

Have you ever started off your day by watching a movie, turning on the television, mindlessly clicking around Facebook, or skimming your online news feed? It happens. Does it affect your mood? We’re fooling ourselves if we say it doesn’t. I know I am tempted – and often give in to the temptation – of checking my email and “catching up” online first thing in the morning. Even if I get up before the kids and take a walk and … Read More

Blaze the trail.

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Organize your attitude #20 This week during the Planning That Matters chat I hosted with several Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done alumni, Libby made an excellent point near the end: The more you do stuff the easier it gets. You know, it’s having those rails to run on. Setting something up is hard and getting [the kids] used to something is hard, especially if it’s something that isn’t appealing to them. … Blazing the trail is … Read More

Entropy: 3 ways to deal with it

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We’ve all experienced it. The frustration when right after folding the towels, an infant crawls over and spreads them around the room. The exhaustion of cleaning the corners in one area, only to find the area we cleaned yesterday has been – heaven forbid – used and dirtied already. The surprise that the grocery run we just did (or was it last week?) has been entirely consumed yet people are still hungry. Entropy gets us every time. When God cursed … Read More

Accept entropy as a part of life.

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Organize your attitude #15 Do you, dear reader, know entropy? We all experience it in every aspect of life. It is the muscles that weaken when not exercised, the dust that accumulates on the shelves, the clutter that seems to spawn in every corner. #078: Life is full of entropy Entropy is real. Entropy is part of the current natural order. The dictionary defines it as, “a gradual decline into disorder.” That’s real life. Gardens grow weeds. If we want … Read More

3 Hacks to Get More Done at Home

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Moms at home have a lot to manage and a lot to get done. Though quick tips and tricks often don’t get us far, sometimes there are little hacks that, once incorporated, free up not only some of our time, but more importantly, some of our brain space, our mental energy. Here are three productivity hacks that help me get more done. 1. Use alarms & timers to get more done. Alarms are for more than just getting up in … Read More

How to focus on habits not results

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Or, Four Focused Ways to Build Habits So much goal setting advice out there focuses on achieving certain outcomes. We’re supposed to set our eyes on a particular result we want to reach and work until we get there. Maybe – maybe – this works with projects, but very little of our lives at home are project-based. Most of our time is spent in the day-in, day-out routines that build our home and family. Listen to this post! SO038: … Read More

5 Habits for a More Productive Year

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Do you want to be more productive in 2016? What does being productive even mean? It’s not simply getting more done, but getting the right things done, done well, and done cheerfully. Whether or not you want to do more in 2016, I bet you want to do what you do better – whether that means more consistently, more joyfully, or more skillfully. Me, too. Listen to this post! SO042: Productive Habits Just because I write about productivity and … Read More

The difference between responsive & reactive (and how to apply that to your planning)

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Responsive planning allows for both intentionality and serving the needs of others, whereas reactive living will drain you dry. I’ve read so many productivity books over the years that I’ve lost count. I enjoy those sorts of books, and I’ve tried and scrapped many methods over the years, perfecting my own system more and more and over and over. The thing is, most productivity advice out there doesn’t translate straight across to our lives as moms, many of us homeschooling, … Read More

Sanity Hack: Post-Christmas Whirlwind

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It happens every year, and the more kids you have, the more intense it is. You prepare for days beforehand: wrapping gifts, baking cookies, cleaning bathrooms. Then, it is finally TODAY. Christmas. You relish Christmas day. Your kids relish it. Stockings are opened, cinnamon rolls and bacon are enjoyed, presents are unwrapped, coffee is savored, the afternoon drifts on with perhaps a movie or a board game. Then comes the huge meal. More sugar, another glass of wine, late bedtimes, … Read More

From email insanity to email savvy

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Yes, even you. We all get so much email. Spam, scam, solicited, unsolicited – our inboxes flood in an overwhelming deluge every day. We can’t simply bury our heads in the sand and wish it all away. We have to take the reins, learn the tricks, and manage our email. Email is a necessity of the modern life and if we’re determined to get organized, that includes our email inbox. Just in time to start the new year with a … Read More

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