123. Serve others, not yourself, to feel happy again

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We want to be happy. We do need rest. Just remember that the world’s advice for how to become happy or how to rest will be bad advice. Although it’s good for the economy, consumerism is not restorative nor good for our souls. Whatever we need to renew and rest, all humans have had access to for all of history. God’s built it into the system. There’s nothing you need to be a good human that was invented in the … Read More

122. Choose self-control instead of self-care

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When terms used to clarify things for a particular group go mainstream, co-opted by hashtags and memes, no one (except the marketers) are served. Self-care is one such term. We ought to be teaching our children to care for themselves and not need permanent nannies. We ought to care in particular ways for those who can’t care for themselves. Both assume the fact that self-care is a thing: it’s tending to your basic needs. Caretakers and those in highly needy … Read More

121. Spiritual Self-Care (and self-discipline, too)

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It is true that our selves do need care. We are not invincible. We are not infinite. We are not indefatigable. However, more than our bodies need care because we are more than our bodies. When you feel the need for rest and renewal, remember that both come not by indulgence or through merely physical means. When we forget that we are souls, spiritual beings in need of spiritual things, we go looking in all the wrong places for the … Read More

120. Self care for stay at home moms (it isn’t what you think it is)

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Moms are told all over social media and advertisements that we need more self-care. It’s true that we become easily wearied, easily overwhelmed, easily frustrated – and a break sounds too good to be true. Self-care for stay at home moms seems like a reasonable solution. But the break we actually need to overcome the weariness, the overwhelm, the frustration might be different from a day out or a day off. If a day out or a day off is … Read More

Ep. #117 – The Importance of a Homemaker

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Homemakers are important, whatever today’s culture might say to the contrary. People need homes, and homes must be made – they don’t exist by themselves. The importance of a homemaker to families and to society at large cannot be underestimated. Homemakers may be employed elsewhere or may spend the bulk of their energies on the home and in its sphere, but either way, every home has a maker of one sort or another. If we’re to be homemakers, let’s look … Read More

Ep. #116 – Homemaking Hacks with Virginia Lee Rogers

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When we think of homemaking basics or homemaking hacks, we should not let HGTV or Pinterest or Martha Stewart be the standard or the ideal. Homemaking is not about achieving a certain look or state in the home. Homemaking is a process, a service, of love through hospitality to those who live in and enter into our home. In this episode I’m chatting with Virginia Lee Rogers, my customer support manager and fellow NTJ personality type about unconventional homemaking hacks. … Read More

Ep #115 – Biblical homemaking is our calling

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With laundry and dishes and messy floors and dust and clutter, homemaking can seem a daunting and thankless job. When we let Scripture determine our categories and definitions and mission, however, we realize that biblical homemaking is a service to God and His people, and so we can rejoice as stewards in the place God has put us. Homemaking 101 ought not be about cleaning lists and chores, but about loving and serving people, making homes in which they – … Read More

Ep. #114 – Checklists for bite-sized routines

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Procedure checklists are the perfect solution for overwhelmed moms. Checklists are even more helpful when the steps they list out are for bite-sized routines, routines that are not themselves overwhelming or perfectionism, but small and doable. October’s topic inside Convivial Circle and here on the podcast is procedure checklists. When it’s hard to get started because there’s too much to do, a procedure checklist is the shortcut to momentum you need. This episode is an excerpt from a member-only mentoring … Read More

Ep. #113 – Tips for procedure checklists with Stefani Mons

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A procedure checklist is simply a list of specific, small actions to take in a clear and logical order. Instead of doing what feels best in the moment, we take the time to think it through, make it clear, and so save ourselves not only time but also willpower points. Because making decisions takes energy and willpower, having the checklist to work from keeps us on track more consistently. A procedure checklist is the best tactic for overwhelmed moms at … Read More

Ep. #112 – Make your checklists priority-focused

When we as moms are overwhelmed, a procedure checklist might be just the ticket to calm our stress and help us start doing what needs to be done. We need to stop hunting on the internet for how to organize your life and just start doing the right thing. This month inside the Simply Convivial Circle we’re talking all about procedure lists – when to keep them and how to keep them simple. One key principle that applies is keeping … Read More

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