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Helping keep our eyes on the big picture, our heads in the game, and our hands in the mess.

In my opinion, the best way to get motivated to do those routine chores or exercises is to reframe that time as learning time, entertainment time, or motivational pep talk time - and I do that by listening to great audio! I hope you will enjoy these blog posts read aloud - with an extra bonus sanity saver thrown in for fun. They're little pick-me-ups to make laundry, dinner prep, or a morning walk a little less mundane.

Your writing style is awesome - so clear and concise, yet engaging. I'd tried a few audio things, but found them much harder to listen to. But your short Simply Convivial audioblogs are awesome - the same clarity, conciseness, and ability to draw someone right into your point. It's a short dose of inspiration and "do-not-grow-weary" for the homemaker/homeschooler. Thanks for sharing your insights! –Jaimee, homeschool mom

Season 12: Classical Authors on Classical Education

Following along in the Great Tradition of classical education.

Season 11: Book Thoughts & Reviews

Books I have known and would recommend.
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Season 10: Classical Thoughts on Why We Teach

The education reformers we should listen to are Athenian.

Season 9: Homeschool Tips for Real Life

Large family homeschool moms give practical tips.

Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff

Organization is giving everything a home.
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Season 7:
Mom As Atmosphere

Alarming, but true: Mom's mood matters.
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Season 6: Homeschool Planning

Plans matter less than our attitudes, but they still matter.
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Season 5: Why Convivial?

Convivial is the sort of atmosphere we want.

Season 4: Classical Ed. Basics

Wherein we clearly, simply define classical education.
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Season 3: MBTI for Moms

Knowing about personalities makes us better homeschool moms.
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Season 2: Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own

Learn the laws that govern learning.
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Season 1: Education Is for Life

Classical principles can be mottos for life.
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