Simplified Organization


Simplified Organization is designed to walk you steadily through the multifaceted process of organizing not only your home, but also your mindset and your attitude.

How you think about – what you believe about – your life and your work matters immensely.

We need to take charge of our thoughts if we desire to love what must be done. Our affections – what we love – and our attitudes – how we feel and respond – are within our ability to control if we are willing. We can grow and develop in these things if we open ourselves to them and intentionally align our beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

How to work through the course

The material in Simplified Organization is divided into 3 main types: Attitude, Actions, & Accessories.

You can work through this material in whatever order you’d prefer, addressing any personal pain points first or following a simple numerical order.

However, if it is your first time through, I recommend covering each of the three areas about equally – work through the first lessons in all three areas, then the second in all three, so you get a mix of the hands-on and the principles, with time to implement and practice before getting the next piece.

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