Moms need to get things done, but we also need to be ready to drop everything for urgent needs of all sorts. If multitasking is making us crazy, how in the world can we manage life at home?

Here are some ideas.

Don’t Lean In; Lean On.
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Lean In – not only is it a bestselling book title (no, I haven’t read it), it is a cultural catch phrase. To lean in is to not give up when things get hard, but... Read More

Interval Planning: PREP Week
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I’ve written for years now about interval planning, and it’s a concept I continue to practice and teach. At its heart, interval planning chooses goals and plans projects and works within manageable increments (6-12 weeks,... Read More

5 ENFP Organization Tips
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By Betsy Farquhar: ENFP, homeschooling mother of three middle school students, and managing editor of Redeemed Reader. How to Turn ENFP Possibility into Productivity There are lovely pictures on Instagram of cheerful, color-coded planner pages,... Read More

How to Organize a Brain Dump
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All the time I tell people to “write it down, right away” – that is, to do mini brain dumps all day long, whenever something pops up that we need to remember. Our minds are... Read More

The Magic of Morning & Evening Routines
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My bedroom was a wreck. Again. I might make my bed consistently, but I just can’t keep my room clean. Maybe I should not sigh so much at the children’s bedrooms. Usually, when faced with... Read More

It takes work to rest.
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I remember being so weary, so tired. There was so much to do. So much to do, in fact, that it seemed a monumental task just to decide what to do. My fatigue was compounded... Read More