Over the years, I’ve created a number of free resources for my own homeschool or to help with questions people frequently email me about. I thought I’d gather them all here so you don’t miss something that would be helpful for you!

Each of these will come by email within minutes of hitting the button.


A guide to decluttering your head with a brain dump. Learn more here: Clear Your Head with a Brain Dump.


A guide to setting up Evernote efficiently for homeschooling. Find all my posts about homeschooling with Evernote here


Morning Time is an essential part of our homeschool. You can find everything we’ve used for and done in Morning Time over the last 7 years on this page: Morning Time Resources

I also made available my Morning Time planning spreadsheet template:

Learn how I plan Morning Time.

Quick-start guide, planning pages, video demonstrations, and more - all free!

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Get the Latin translation & parsing worksheets I use with my FLC Primer A & B students. Read more about my thoughts on Latin: What’s the point of learning Latin?

Printable Latin Practice Pages

Download my free parsing pages for extra Latin practice.

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Watch the replay of a webinar I did with Sarah Mackenzie called Getting a Handle on Our Present Chaos.

Principles are Practical (hor)

Watch this video conversation I had with Brandy Vencel about how principles are practical.