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Way back when when my oldest was in preschool, I was reading Cindy Rollins’ blog and took her advice to heart and stepped out in faith that she was on to something.

Her description of starting the day together singing and doing the beautiful things that are so easy set aside in favor of the workbooks resonated with me. It reminded me of the family devotions my own family did sporadically while I was growing up, and I knew that having that time set aside for learning hymns, catechism, and Scripture would bear fruit if we stuck with it through those daily little moments that don’t feel like much.

Cindy has written:

That is what Morning Time is. It is the daily collection of little grains of time that add up to a lifetime of learning. It is the daily sowing of the seeds of learning for the long haul. Morning Time is not about reaping a quick harvest of spinach or lettuce after a few cool weeks. Morning Time is about faithfully tending an orchard over long, long years knowing that the future harvest will be far more valuable than any quick crop. Maybe it isn’t even an orchard-this is homeschool carbon which will produce a harvest of diamonds for those who have the patience and the courage to go for the long prize.

Because my own journey into Morning Time was aided so much by Cindy Rollins, Kendra Fletcher, and others who shared their memory lists and ideas, I too want to share our resources for those just beginning. Here you will find what we’ve done over the years as well as advice for sticking it out through the difficult stages.

The best place to begin is with my free downloadable guide:

Five Steps to Starting Morning Time.

5 steps to starting morning time - a free guide

How to get started and how to keep going

Our memory work lists

Memory work lists I’ve borrowed from

Resources that we use in Morning Time

Examples of our real-life Morning Time

Different Years’ Morning Time Plans

More Help for Your Morning Time

5 steps to starting morning time - a free guide

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