Spend less time at the grocery store.

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Simplified Grocery Shopping: 17 Ways to Simplify

Walk step-by-step through simplifying your entire grocery routine, from staring into the pantry to selecting your items in the store with confidence to finally restocking your shelves.

This is a digital ebook.

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This ebook will walk you step-by-step from arranging your pantry shelves to making a list to doing the shopping to putting everything away. From the need to the process to the result, Mystie shows you how to simplify, streamlining the entire food-purchasing process. Her ingenious method of reducing the number of items you purchase to routinize the grocery trip will save you not only time, but also money and food waste.

By simplifying your grocery process, you’ll make it a habit that reduces decision fatigue and leaves you with more time and energy for other things.

We all have to eat. Make it easier – while still cooking whole-food meals at home.


  • 40-page pdf ebook
  • Master pantry list
  • Menu plan

2 reviews for Spend less time at the grocery store.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my favorite of the Simplified Pantry series; my family’s cooking style is a bit different from Mystie’s, so I haven’t honestly experimented with following her Simplified Dinners plan (that may change in the next few years, though!), but this is a great step-by-step way to personalize your own plan. I do often feel overwhelmed by all the steps involved in planning and preparing a meal, from choosing what to make, to making a grocery list and sticking to a budget, so this guide to simplifying it all is very helpful!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Ott

    I have known about the Simplified Pantry series for a while and even tried the master pantry list. I didn’t stick with it though but this book has brought it back to my attention. In my area there are now lots of options for grocery pick up (alleluia) but I wasn’t sure how to take advantage of them because I need to see what I want to buy. Well, enter the master pantry list and someone else can do my shopping – I just click away and am done! She has great tips for creating that list for yourself in the book.

    Often my husband tries to shop for us as well. With a master pantry list it will be much easier to communicate what we need and will use. It can cut down on the “you bought what?” that sometimes occurs. Although many of her steps are great for navigating through the store (some I hadn’t thought of before and will use when I go) this book can be useful even if you are delegating the shopping to others. This is a great habit to start with over the summer while you might have a bit more time to think about what your family eats and how to best prepare it.

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