In fact, homemakers are a lot like entrepreneurs.

We have to make our own goals.

We have to figure out how to get from where we are to where we want to be.

We have to be our own boss.

That’s the hardest part of being a homemaker.

Maybe your mom taught you how to wash dishes and do laundry, but did anyone ever teach you how to be self-directed and self-motivated?

At school we had teachers and grades.

At work there were bosses and paychecks.

What about at home? It’s an endless stream of small tasks with no one goading us along and no prize at the end.

So it’s easy to get stuck in a bad attitude, a procrastination habit, and an avalanche of chaos.

Want out of the pit you’ve dug?

The only way out is to dig in

– with determination instead of despair.

Want a kickstart?

Need a taskmaster to tell you what to do next, prompt you, and praise you?

I can do that.

And together, we can help each other up, egg each other on, and carry each other through.

Being the boss and manager and worker rolled into one is exhausting – that’s why we need to build habits and routines and stick with them. When we have good habits and routines, we get more done in less time (after practice!), with little mental energy spent.

Commit to beating your housework procrastination habit and replacing it with a productivity habit.

Join the six-week Sweep & Smile Study.

Part online course, part timely accountability, and part community, Sweep & Smile will walk you through the process of decluttering, creating a routine, and working that routine.

  • Make actual progress in the state of your home.
  • Build a routine plan that works for your personality and your lifestyle and your home.
  • Work through your own mental blocks and excuses.
  • Replace your bad attitude about housework with a truth-aligned perspective.
  • Learn what actually has to be done and eliminate unnecessary chores.
  • Swap unrealistic expectations for workable goals.

text, audio, & video

get the material in the form you like best, with email, worksheets, essays, audio, and live chats


no surface solutions or quick fixes here - you get meaty, workable answers that fit real life at home with kids

get the support you need

stop trying to go it alone and get the backup and step-by-step help you need

Don’t procrastinate on the housework.

In six weeks, gain control of your house, overcome your obstacles, and practice the routines that will save your sanity.

What you get:
  • A weekend email with the action steps, work page, and an attitude-orienting mini-seminar (in written & audio format) on the week’s area of focus.
  • A punchy Monday morning email that focuses on motivation and attitude.
  • A place in the forums to discuss each weekly focus.
  • Specific assignments that clarify the real goals and help you reach them.
  • Two texts (or emails) a week with a reminder of the focus and its importance.
  • A Friday afternoon recorded chat where we talk about what did and didn’t work that week and troubleshoot solutions (video & audio versions available).

Each week during the six-week study we’ll focus on a different area & accomplish 3 things:

  • Decluttering
  • Determining what needs to be done daily & weekly
  • Doing those tasks
As the study goes on, we’ll be building up our routines and practicing the previous weeks, not just moving on. By the end of Sweep & Smile you’ll have built - baby-step by baby-step - a workable weekly housecleaning routine. But you won’t only have planned it, you’ll have worked it, too.
If your husband doesn’t notice a difference at the end,
you can ask for a refund.

Learn & practice self-motivation, with help & community.

Practice not only housework routines, but also a cheerful attitude.
After all, you know your attitude makes or breaks your home's atmosphere, whether it's sparkling clean or filthy dirty. This challenge is about more than chores.

It's about working to serve others and glorify God - not ourselves.

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Sweep & Smile will be back in 2018
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Week 1

morning & evening routines

Week 2

laundry & bathrooms

Week 3

living areas & EHAP

Week 4


Week 5


Week 6

extra jobs

You've got questions? I've got answers.

Will this require Facebook?
Nope! I am not on Facebook, so there is no FB component. It will be run by email, though the material will also be on my site so you can access previous weeks easily. The live chats will be accessed by links sent by email, run with webinar software. You can sign up for texts, but you can also opt to get the texts by email.
I'm going to be gone for a week or two of this study, but I'd really like to do it. Will it work for me if I miss some?
Yes! You'll have access on the site to all the information from the emails for three months, so you can push pause on the weeks(s) you'll be gone, then pick up at whatever week we're still doing live, then go back and do the weeks you missed to wrap it up.
What will the schedule look like?
An email about the upcoming week's focus, with a worksheet and a thought-provoking (but to-the-point) article will be sent Friday afternoons at 4pm Pacific so that you have the weekend to prepare.Monday morning a motivational email will be sent out to help you keep that smile. Tuesday & Thursday a reminder text (meaningful, not tedious) will go out in the morning to help you stay the course.Then, Fridays you'll receive a recorded troubleshooting video chat (MP3 audio version available) that will help you overcome your obstacles and keep moving forward. Most of all, these chats will help you stay content with baby steps.Plus, you'll be able to share & follow on Instagram! I'll be posting my progress or a helpful quote or thought or tip every weekday. Just look for or use the hashtag #simplifiedorganization
How long will this be available? Can I start in week 2 or 3?
Registration for the course will close Saturday, November 4, at 8am Pacific. If you register Friday evening or Saturday after the first email has gone out, you'll still automatically receive the first email with the chat replay link about an hour or two after you register. But if you want to start strong, sign up before the workshop so you can attend!The program will not be available for purchase after November 4th until it opens again in 2018.
My house is already pretty tidy, and I have housework routines that work - should I take this course?
Sounds like you don't need it! In the course we'll be figuring out how to set up a routine that works, practicing putting it into place, and doing some decluttering to get us into a decent starting point. If you're already there, rejoice and keep up the good work! :)If your home is tidy but you're stressed out trying to keep it that way, then this course will help. The "Smile" part of the course is about de-stressing the process.
My house is a wreck! Can I still do this course?
You and I both know that reading emails and making lists won't actually improve the state of the house. But the course will provide structure for making visible progress, no matter where you're starting from.
Is this a self-paced course like your other ones?
Not really. Sweep & Smile is about accountability and making tangible, visible progress right away - and one thing that's super motivating is a deadline! When you know you're going to meet to talk with other women on Friday about your progress, you have a little more spunk to get up and get moving. When you receive a text reminding you about the week's focus area, you're pestered into progress.Self-paced is good for the foundational core lessons we need to return to over and over again to get our bearings, but this is about quick wins and tangible results right away.Even so, you will have access to the material in your inbox as long as you keep it, and the material including replays on your membership page for three months - that is, until September 9th.
What if I get behind?
You'll have access to the content in the emails on the website after the emails are sent, as well as the chat replays, for 3 months after the study ends. However, the point of this program is to get it done with motivating deadlines, so it's not forever access. My hope is you'll be able to join in as we go, but be able to catch up and roll with the punches if it's not possible.
Remember, my money-back guarantee is that if your husband doesn't notice a change in both the house and your demeanor about housework - I'll give you your money back. So there's no risk in signing up and at least getting started!

Registration closed.

Sweep & Smile will be back in 2018
Sign up here to be notified next time it's available and get a free 3-page guide on setting up your own housekeeping plan in the meantime!
Free Guide: Create a Personalized Housecleaning Plan