What’s education good for?

Sometimes it’s easy to sigh on a Tuesday morning and think, “What am I doing? What is the point anyway?” Today, Isocrates reminds us of the point – or, at least, one point. The Great Tradition: Classical Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being is a collection of the writings about education from Plato to the modern era, the writings that have informed the development of western civilization and classical education. Most Wednesdays here in 2016 … Read More

The secret to sanity at home
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It’s February. Are you feeling it, fellow homeschool mom in the trenches? It’s so easy to let our mood slide with the weather into the gray, foggy blahs. We can feel trapped, low, crabby, In the first episode of our new podcast, The Scholé Sisters Podcast, we talk about how levity – lightheartedness, humor, cheerfulness – is a burnout prevention method. When we sink into seriousness, into get-it-all-done mode, into self-importance, we’re bound to be pulled down, lose our joy, … Read More

A teacher must pay attention.
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What is education? I love to collect quotes on what education means. Definitions are important, because without them we can be using the same word but with entirely different understandings of what we’re talking about. Without understanding what it is we’re trying to do each and every day with our children, we flounder and fall back on our defaults – what’s easiest rather than what’s best. Knowing definitions is utterly practical. So today’s quote, still from the introduction, is all … Read More

The Blessing of a Public Tantrum
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We’ve seen them. The child screaming, red-faced at the park, oblivious to parental admonitions. The toddler rocking in the cart, yelling because he didn’t get his way. We sigh and shake our heads as we move along our way. Until it’s us and our children. My toddlers rarely threw real tantrums, but when they have, it’s been at the grocery store. Sure, at the grocery store or in the middle of a crowded park, when we have guests or when … Read More

Teaching from Faithfulness, not Fear
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Dr. Perrin, when he speaks of scholé, often uses the story of Mary and Martha to illustrate. It is easy to become the Martha – bustling and busy and distracted. More than that, she’s easily irritated, so caught up in her production and housework that she almost missed the point. That hits home. Sarah Mackenzie, in Teaching from Rest, draws on the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. We bring our pittance in faith, and Jesus works the miracle … Read More

5 tips for teaching kids to use checklists
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We’ve been using checklists in our homeschool for about 3 years now, since my oldest was 9 and my second-born was 7. Through much trial and error, I’ve learned some rules of thumb for teaching kids to use checklists. Because I’ve received several questions about my kids’ checklists, I thought I’d share what I have learned as well as the checklists we’ve used over the years. 1. A checklist doesn’t replace mom. It’s so tempting to just pass off a … Read More

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