A Big Ol’ Pot of Beans

Guest Post by Kendra Fletcherof Preschoolers and Peace My friend Cindy is a woman who inspires me in a multitude of ways. For starters, she has raised three biological children to adulthood and is raising five more who came to her and her husband, Mike, by way of adoption. Each of Cindy’s and Mike’s five children at home have particular challenges, from fetal alcohol syndrome to Asperger’s to severe asthma to Cerebral Palsy. Cindy and Mike take it all in … Read More

Guest Post: Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Guest Post by Rachel of Thriving Homeof Hi everyone! I’m Rachel from Thriving Home, where “real food meets reality” in our recipes. That means we strive to cook with the least processed ingredients possible, yet realize that there are times when we may need some shortcuts. I’d like to share our most popular family-friendly and freezer-friendly breakfast recipes with you today. My goal is to feed my family a quick “real food” hardy breakfast each morning. As you may know, … Read More