Humming Home Habits: Aim
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We are nearly done with this series on building habits to keep our homes humming and harmonious. Previously, we’ve already worked on Assemble: Start Your Brain Dump List Act: Process That List Arrange: Organize Your Stuff & Your Plans Assess: How to Evaluate for Forward Momentum Now, this is where the cycle loops. As you go along the way, you’ll probably end up adding more stuff to your collected items, changing around your container/list-management set-up, and then that means more … Read More

Humming Home Habits: Assess

During this series we’re talking about the organizational habits that help us stay on our game during the busy school season. Previously, I’ve developed Assemble : get it all out on paper Act: process the lists Arrange: setting up and organizing This week we’ll discuss assessing and then next week we’ll wrap up with “Aim”: how to set good goals and target our attitudes. Assess for a Humming Home I’m always in the future, and assessing means looking back, so … Read More

Humming Home Habits: Arrange
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On to step three! After assembling and acting, it’s time for arranging – my favorite part! Arranging is organizing: putting things in their proper place. What is organization? It is being prepared. It is having a home for everything and everything in its home. It is not having color-coded lids or chalkboard labels. It is not making everything magazine-beautiful, but making everything fitting and useful. Why you organize – your motivation – matters quite a bit. Organizing so that we … Read More

Humming Home Habits: Assemble
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Because I’m working on the Simplified Organization eCourse and getting ready to start school (August 4th!), I have organization on my mind. And, generally, when something is on my mind, I write about it. So, I thought I’d follow up the series on improving chore routines with a short little series on the basic habits that help keep a home running smoothly. They are simple little things that make a huge impact. Even though they’re simple, I still sometimes try … Read More

Cheerful Chore Challenge, week 3: Afternoon EHAP Routine
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The summer is the perfect time to address non-academic problem areas. For us this summer, that means solidifying our chore routines so that when we start up school again, we can keep the house humming and in better shape. Making these chore times habitual patterns in our day cuts down on the emotional, psychological, and relational wear-and-tear that boom-and-bust cycles, disarray, and conflict over what’s required create. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been surprised at how worn down you … Read More

Cheerful Chores Challenge, week 1: Morning Chores
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Alright, so let’s get set for 6 weeks of a “cheerful chores challenge.” This summer I’m working on shoring up our home-keeping routines while we aren’t doing school so that when we start school again in July (on our year-round schedule), we will already have those habits covered and won’t be trying to add everything at once. I’ve gone over our weekly plan, my “weekly time budget” as I call it, and seen where the chores would fit in and … Read More

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