5 Things I Learned in October

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October was crazy. Crazy like I have 5 school-age kids including 2 teens kinda crazy. Crazy like overcommitted kinda crazy. But the overcommitted bit should die down just in time for the holidays-type of overcommitted, so I think it will all work out ok. Whew! I’d toyed around with the idea of doing a 6 week holiday-prep challenge or program, but realized I would be along for the ride, barely following my own usual 6 week “interval” skeleton this year. … Read More

What hospitality taught me about homemaking

Pull out the glasses, set the table, time to get ready for company. Ever noticed that funny feeling where you turn on a different persona, a different ability to handle life, at least momentarily, when you open the door or answer the phone? It shows us our actual ability to exhibit self-control. Too often, our tone and tactics with our kids do not. When we jump on them, pester and harp, then switch it off immediately if someone walks in … Read More

How to have people over for dinner without losing your cool

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Pursue hospitality, the Bible tells us; and so we open our hearts and our homes to others. First we extend hospitality – gracious service and welcoming love – to those who live in our home and then we extend it out to others God brings into our lives. But when we get our picture of what hospitality should look like from the magazine rack or HGTV, we stress out and shut down. The kind of hospitality God wants us to … Read More

Becoming a Better Homemaker

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If people are important, then homes will always be important, also. People need homes. Even if it’s a mud hut, it is a home to be “made.” Homemaking is not about displaying middle class sensibilities or acquiring appropriate seasonal decor; homemaking is about loving people in practical, tangible, daily, mundane ways. Perhaps some have ambition to become better homemakers in order to glorify themselves. If we use our houses to display personal taste, showcase our style, or even minimize personal … Read More

Simply Contemplate: Hospitality Doesn’t Have to Make Us Crazy Busy

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In Crazy Busy: A Mercifully Short Book on a Really Big Problem, Kevin DeYoung doesn’t conclude that we should cut as many obligations as possible and live a secluded, contemplative, monastic lifestyle. Rather, he ends up questioning the heart, attitude, and motivation beneath our choices, and addressing the “crazy” part more than the “busy” part. Hospital-ity Recall the diagnostic question: Am I trying to do them good or trying to look good? Think how this question could sanctify our approach … Read More

5 Days of Organizing Your Hospitality – Day 1: Organize Your Attitude – Simply Convivial

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Day 1: Organize Your Attitude for Hospitality Organize Your Attitude Organize the People Organize the Food Organize Your Preparations Organize Your Evening Hospitality or Entertaining? Hospitality n. the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way. Yes, that’s right, part of the very definition of the word hospitality has to do not with your home, but with your attitude, your disposition, your heart. So we begin right at the core. Hospitality is … Read More

Review: Hospitality Commands & Face to Face – Simply Convivial

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Hospitality Commands by Alexander Strauch My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a very brief book, much more a launching pad than a discussion. Strauch proves from Scripture that hospitality — opening up one’s house primarily to brothers and sisters in Christ, but also to the needy and one’s neighbors — is an essential to the Christian life and community. It is not a nice thing for some people, but it is a requirement for everyone. The most interesting … Read More