What Is Character? and How to Build It.

Character is one of those words we toss around often. Too often, we do so without a clear understanding of what it is. We say we care about character, perhaps even homeschool for the purpose of shaping our children’s character, but what exactly does that mean and how exactly do we go about such a task? #093: Character builders for mom & kids The dictionary defines character as: Suddenly, we are taken aback. 

Mental qualities are a part of … Read More

The tone of the teacher – Quintilian on the art of teaching

What synchronicity! As I was recording the Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own Series for season two of the audio blog, the Quintilian section in The Great Tradition: Classical Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being was admonitions to teachers. CH070: Duties & Delights: Quintilian on Teachers & Students Guess what? People have known what’s important in teachers and the student-teacher relationship for a very long time. We should listen. The teacher’s talk & temper must … Read More

Classical Homeschooling in Our Home

What your homeschool looks like, even as you try working toward classical education principles, depends on where you’ve been, and how and when you entered this path. There are no gate-keepers checking your credentials and only letting you in if you use the approved materials. And that’s a good thing. This week, we’re going to be sharing how these principles play out in our homes. We’re all different, and I hope that will encourage you. My husband and I were … Read More