Make a Doable To Do List: The Rule of 3

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To-do lists can be as frustrating as they are useful. Some days to do lists seem like an awesome tool. Then on other days they seem like instruments of torture, mocking my efforts and goals. But, it is the process of planning that is helpful even when the plans don’t work out. So let’s stick with the process and see if we can tweak it to be more beneficial. Is a doable to do list possible? I know I tend … Read More

Simple Systems: Daily Index Card

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An index card will help you keep your daily to-do list short. After years of trying numerous methods and papers for my daily list and never really being happy with them, I’ve finally landed on a way that has stuck, that helps by its very nature, and that I’m happy to share with anyone who will listen. I keep my list on a simple index card. I write a large capital I to make columns and rows. The top row … Read More

Simplified Organization Video Tutorial: Mystie’s Daily Index Card To-Do List

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In this hangout, Mystie and Pam talk about Mystie’s latest favorite organization tool: an index card. Mystie has been using an index card to-do list every morning for a few months and she has learned a few principles to make it work really well. Although most of her system is digital, the physical index card gives the benefits of writing something out, which helps you remember and internalize ideas, and it also prevents the distraction of the internet when checking … Read More