a day in the life of the kitchen counter
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Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~ I thought it’d be fun to take some shots throughout one day of my kitchen counter. It sees a lot of action, and maybe seeing the whole progression start to finish might be both enlightening and encouraging. I had the idea and thought it would make a great phfr post, but by the end of the day I learned something that I think will help the … Read More

Convivial Contentment: Summer Learning

We have finished out our 2013-2014 school year! Time to celebrate! And we did, of course, with pizza and root beer floats with the good friends with whom we shared our lessons and experiences this year. It’s been a great year, really. The baby took reliable naps and was barely toddling for most of it. About halfway through I started getting a full night’s sleep. By scheduling a good portion of our work with friends, I was a lot more … Read More

Convivial Contentment: Spring Fever
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The family (read: every non-day-job-daylight-hour for Matt with the rest of us pitching in here and there) has been and will be busy with yard work of all kinds this spring. We’re going to be hosting my brother’s wedding reception in late June, so we have a crazy amount of yard work to do. That seems like a great reason to end the school year early, doesn’t it? Can we? Can we? Please? Pretty Day We took 30 minutes of … Read More

Convivial Contentment: When a Week Doesn’t Go as Planned
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Last week was our break week from school. During break week I try to do extra housekeeping, extra little projects like switching out the kids’ clothes for the season change, tidy up our school areas, and maybe get in a little extra writing or planning. The week started out well. I boxed up the winter gear and had piles and piles of clothes in my bedroom: clothes for storage, clothes for kids to try on, clothes to pass on, clothes … Read More

Convivial Contentment: pretty, happy, and funny children living a real life
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Another week, and I actually remembered to take a few pictures! This weekly feature is a good reminder and motivator for me to pull out my camera, because otherwise I rarely would. And I do like having pictures of ordinary days. Pretty Curls Just recently it seems like Geneva’s hair has burst into curl! I love it. Happy Spring Math Happy might be putting it a bit too strong, but the boys were grateful for a day to work on … Read More

Managing Chaos: When Routines Meet Real Life
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I always feel tongue-tied when someone asks what a typical day looks like at our house. Our days follow a general pattern, but no two ever look quite alike. Seven people living, working, and playing together make for a lot of variables, interruptions, and derailments. So, I thought I’d outline what our general routines are right now, but readily admit that a real day never looks like the outlined routine. I am supposed to get up at 5am, according to … Read More

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