The Magic of Morning & Evening Routines

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My bedroom was a wreck. Again. I might make my bed consistently, but I just can’t keep my room clean. Maybe I should not sigh so much at the children’s bedrooms. Usually, when faced with this situation, I set aside a morning or an afternoon and dig in. I take care of everything and get the room back in order. Then, inevitably, begins the slide all over again. But this time was different. I did not finish the “clean the … Read More

Make your bed.

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Organize your attitude #21 It seems like such a little thing. But sometimes it is the little things that make a world of difference, especially when it comes to our attitudes. Yes, making your bed can change your attitude. I’m living proof of it. Sometimes, when we’re feeling like our whole life is a mess and our home is worse and we aren’t even sure where our recovery plan should begin, our temptation is to simply give up. Starting is … Read More

What making my bed taught be about goals.

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The backstory I was a child who hated making my bed and got away with leaving it undone as often as I could manage. I hated pointless work, and what is more pointless than making a bed you’re just going to get in and mess up again at the end of the day? Yes, this attitude was a terrible one to go into motherhood and homemaking with, and all those childhood and adolescent years of insisting that such things were … Read More

Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done

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About a year ago I started writing an ebook that I thought would simply be an expanded and improved GTD for Homemakers. The more I got into it, the more I thought an ebook really wasn’t the best way to present the material. How many ebooks do I have just sitting on my hard drive? eBooks inspire, but they aren’t handy when you want one specific piece of information or encouragement from them. After talking it over with my husband, … Read More