Have a menu plan.

Organize your attitude #30 Do you know one real downer that happens all too often? Not knowing what’s for dinner when 5pm rolls around. You know what I’m talking about. And, yes, it happens to me, too. Do you know one real awesome feeling? Knowing at breakfast time what’s for dinner, pulling the meat out of the freezer the night before, and maybe even doing a little head-start prep while the kids eat breakfast. A menu plan makes those mornings … Read More

You need to plan ALL THE MEALS

I know it seems overwhelming. I know even just planning dinner sometimes seems overwhelming. But, seriously, who wants to wake up and decide in the pre-coffee fog what to feed the troops for breakfast? It has to be decided ahead of time. Everyone talks about how much planning out dinners saves you from mental effort and decision fatigue, but that’s only 1/3 of the meals you feed people! Imagine if all the meals were planned – how much mental effort … Read More

What we’re eating this week

Here we are, starting a new week with a plan to eat – 3 meals every single day! It feels good to start with a plan. Not only am I starting with a plan this week, but Saturday I was also able to make 2 dozen rolls and 4 dozen muffins, as well as our Sunday whole wheat cinnamon rolls, which will ease up not only the prep time for meals during the week, but also the mental effort required … Read More

What we’re eating this week

Summer is on the way with warmer weather, so it’s time to put away the crockpot and soup plans and dust off my cooler menu options. Soups are so easy that it’s always a little sad, but grilling season and the fresh garden veggies will compensate. I use Google calendar for menu planning, and that makes it easy to adjust the menu as summer plans flex and change. Breakfasts This Week Tuesdays & Thursdays: German pancakes Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays: … Read More

How to menu plan 6 weeks at a time

Remembering how to menu plan As the end of the school semester drew near, the holidays drew near, the end of the year drew near, I stopped menu planning. I just never took the time to sit down and write out meals – there were always other things I thought I should be doing. We still ate just fine – Simplified Dinners means a slip up in the menu planning process doesn’t throw me for much of a loop. We … Read More

How to Make a Menu Plan: Think in Threes

There are many strategies out there on how to make a menu plan. That can make it an intimidating process if you have little practice, but the variety of options means you can endlessly riff off of your plans and not get bored doing the same thing over and over again. By having a menu plan formula, you can have variety without starting from scratch every week – or worse, every day. I’ll be starting a weekly series here with … Read More

Menu Planning Made Simple

Today we start school back up! We homeschool year-round, so we start early in order to take extra weeks off during the year and be finished in May. It’s totally worth it. After all, it’s over 100-degrees here in the afternoon: might as well be doing school instead of playing Minecraft, I figure! So for this month, I’m trying out a new menu planning idea: I have the same weekly rotation of breakfasts and lunches – and I’ve noted in … Read More

What is for dinner? Another week, another plan.

To my husband’s chagrin, it turns out I have one last turkey left in the freezer from my November get-the-best-turkey-deal efforts. I like turkey weeks because it offers so much bang for the cooking buck. That is, I like it until that cooked turkey is sitting on my counter and I have to pull the meat off the bone. But turkey broth – just bones covered in water, simmered overnight in the crockpot – is absolutely delicious. Since it’s grilling … Read More

Menu Plan Monday

In these cold, dark days, I am reminding myself that by the end of the month the daffodils will be blooming and we’ll be nearing the end of soup season. Time to make soup while the sun doesn’t shine! Menu Plan for February 4-9 Monday Breakfast: oatmeal Lunch: rolls, cheese slices, carrot sticks, apples Dinner: balsamic skillet chicken, oven-baked brown rice pilaf, sweet potato fries Tuesday Breakfast: eggs w/ muffins Lunch: cheese pizza, apples Dinner: tomato soup & grilled cheese, … Read More

Simplified Menu Planning: Day 14 – Organize Your Remaining Recipes

How to Have Less Stress in the Kitchen It’s easy to collect excess stuff and food in the kitchen and pantry, and it’s easy to lose focus and forget how to set up an efficient kitchen or a useful, healthy menu plan. So, during 31 Days to Simplified Menu Planning, we’ll take the necessary steps to simplify and streamline our food-related efforts. At this point, our master pantry list is finalized and our recipes are purged, so all we have … Read More

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