3 Ways Kids’ Personalities Affect Learning

By now you know I like to geek out about personality. I’ve written about the personalities of homeschool moms. I’ve theorized about kids’ personalities and learning styles. And I’ve applied all my researching and musing to specific examples like how our personalities should affect our personal refreshment, our planning styles, and our morning routines. Over the last few months, then, you can be sure I’ve fielded numerous emails on this topic. And while I love troubleshooting personality questions and applications, … Read More

7th Grade: Real Life Report – Simply Convivial

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This year has been my first spin through homeschooling 7th grade, but it won’t be my last. Lord willing, I will have four others to bring through this stage. Therefore, this evaluation is as much for me as it is for you. Next time around, how will this plan change and how will it stay the same? Best to think through that now while the good, bad, and ugly are fresh in my mind. Also, the lessons I learned from … Read More

What’s your homeschool personality?

I love the Myers-Briggs personality typing. Myers-Briggs – the personality system that gives you four letters – offers a vocabulary for talking about the different ways that people relate to each other and the world around them. It’s been so helpful to me in learning how to understand and value other people’s responses to ideas and situations – including my children’s. I’ve written before about how personality typing helps me understand my kids, and I’ve written a brief explanation of … Read More

Personality and Learning Styles – Simply Convivial

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Those of us educating young children tend to use the vocabulary of learning styles, though current research seems to be showing that most of the learning styles rhetoric is bunk. Still, we do know that children are different. We know that there are different modes of and avenues for learning. There is value in reading, in hearing, and in doing. I believe that some of what people are describing when they speak about different learning styles can be tied back … Read More

Know Your Child’s Personality Type – Simply Convivial

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Understanding differences in personality type can drastically reduce conflict and friction in relationships, and this is as true with our children as it is with anyone else. However, typing children is tricky. Personality preferences develop over time, as people exercise more and more decision-making and observation-making abilities. Children are developing, and so we need to give them space to grow and experiment and blossom rather than box them into labels prematurely. Though typing them can be helpful, we should be … Read More

Personality Matters: Understanding MBTI Typing – Simply Convivial

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So, I will admit it. I am a personality nerd. I am a total Myers-Briggs Type Indicator junkie. If you all clamor for the in-depth justification of why I think it’s ok to use and recommend the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), even though it was based on Jung’s theory (and Jung was messed up) and even though each person is a beautiful unique snowflake, I can do that as the last post to this theory. But to kick this off, … Read More

What is Scholé? – Simply Convivial

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What does scholé even mean? Blame Josef Pieper and Christopher Perrin. Pieper’s seminal work, Leisure, the Basis of Culture opens with this: The Greek word for leisure (scholé) is the origin of Latin scola, English school. The name for the institutions of education and learning mean “leisure.” The classical ideal for education, which culminated in philosophy, was that its goal was truth-seeking, not profit-earning. To be pursuing education, philosophy, or theology was to be at leisure, because one was not … Read More

2014-2015 Homeschool Blocks: Quiet Time – Simply Convivial

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I realized that I hadn’t completely wrapped up the 2014-2015 Homeschool Blocks series. I still want to share what the plan is for quiet time, because of course there is a plan. The blocks in our homeschool week Circle Time (daily) Math (daily) K-1st (3-4 times a week) Writing Class (once per week) 4th & 6th grade Independent Work & Tutoring (daily) Elementary Lessons (2nd-6th grade) (twice per week) Quiet Time (3 times per week) Quiet Time The nearly-2-year-old will … Read More

Switching Key Habits in the Home & Homeschool: Cultivate a Growth Mindset – Simply Convivial

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With engaging stories and practical advice, Switch examines the common denominators in those who make successful habit changes. The authors posit that when change works, it tends to follow a pattern. The people who change have clear direction, ample motivation, and a supportive environment. So let’s look at how to apply those factors to our own home situations, particularly as we begin new routines for the school year. Switching Key Habits in the Home & Homeschool Series Review of the … Read More

Switching Key Habits in the Home & Homeschool: Describe the Destination – Simply Convivial

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Switch describes the common patterns in successful habit changes through engaging stories, turning them into practical advice. The stories and advice are all based on three observations they made about habit changes, both personal changes and organization-wide changes: What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity. So provide crystal-clear direction. What looks like laziness is often exhaustion. It’s critical to engage people’s emotional side to get cooperation. What looks like a people problem is often a situation problem. … Read More

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