Dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good.

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This post is adapted from the transcript of the Introduction video in the Work Your Plan Video Training We really must begin with organizing our attitude before we organize anything else. We might think that making a plan and working a plan is all about the planner, the app, the method, but the truth is that how we think about our planning going into it matters tremendously. I remember very vividly being struck by a line of poetry once quoted … Read More

First Week of School 2011-2012 – Simply Convivial

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Monday I got my housecleaning day in, and we made a venture out to a quiet in-town “naturalized” area for our first nature walk of the school year. Tuesday First day of school. We started the day with our typical yogurt-and-granola fare. I learned my lesson last year and did not start the day off with sugar. We actually got started only ten minutes after scheduled, even though I was still a bit scattered when it came to the organization. … Read More