Dear Mom who wants to give her 5-year-old a classical education

Have you ever noticed? The most eager homeschooling moms are those whose oldest child is 4 or 5? I was one, myself. And when I felt the eye-roll behind the smile of older, deep-in-the-trenches moms, I bristled. “Take me seriously!” I wanted to plead. I knew they were sharing wisdom when they told me to back off and wait and just enjoy the young years. I browsed their shelves, watched a Math-U-See demonstration, picked their brains. I was in my … Read More

What would classical preschool look like? – Quintilian on books & twaddle

Quintilian, an education philosopher of the first century AD, has much to say about the bringing up of children. His education philosophy does not begin when they enter school, but when they first start forming their first words and their first thoughts. Today’s excerpt from The Great Tradition: Classical Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being summarizes what Quintilian had to say about what we would call preschool and kindergarten, and it will probably rub you … Read More

Top 10 Audio Books for the Under-10 Crowd

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I love audio books for myself and for my kids! Today I’ll share some of my favorites. And if you want to expand your audio book collection, check out my tips for getting the most out of an Audible membership. Find all my Audible tips & tricks listed here! It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of our month of homeschooling lists! Everything from sanity strategies to book lists to managing life details to more book lists. It’s … Read More

Essential Picture Books List – Simply Convivial

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Everyone has their favorite picture books. These are mine: My best picture book list. Homeschool lists! Let’s talk and share all sorts of lists this month during The Nester’s 31 Days series. I’ll share my lists, from managing day to day details to book lists to checklists to supply lists – rest assured, if it can be listed, I have listed it. So I pulled my best lists – yes, I had to abridge and combine the list of lists … Read More

Beautiful Fairy Tale Picture Books List

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I hope you’re not tired of book lists, yet. This month I’m sharing homeschool lists all month during The Nester’s 31 Days series. Everything from coping strategies to book lists to supplies to digital and paper-based organizing, I’ve got lists and I’m excited to share them. Homeschooling Lists Galore Beautiful Fairy Tale Picture Books I collect fairy tale picture books, favoring those with gorgeous illustrations and original endings, even if they’re gruesome. I want stories and pictures that convey that … Read More